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Why You Should Use WordPress As Your CMS?


WordPress has evolved from being a simple blogging software to become one of the most commonly used CMS on the market. Whether you are looking to create an informational website or an e-commerce website WordPress will offer you the perfect platform in order to accomplish this.

One of the main strength of this CMS lies in the diversity of WordPress plugins that exist. Whatever functionality you might want for your blog there is surely one plugins that exist. For instance if you want to turn your site in a fully featured gallery to showcase your design as an artist, you will have a hard time to choose among the various plugins that exist to allow you to achieve this.

Another interesting aspect of WordPress is that it is open-source software. This will allow you to get access to the source code and make sure you can modify the code in the way that you want. Whatever modifications you may want to make to the core aspect of the software you will be able to do so without fearing any type of license.

WordPress also offer you a wide choice of templates that will allow you to tweak your blog in the exact way you want. Indeed you will have the choice with a wide variety of free templates (great if you are just starting your business) or premium templates (if you want some more unique feel to your blog) in order to customize your blog. There are also a lot of cheap freelancers that will be prepared to design a unique template for your blog in order to give your business a unique feel.

Another benefit of WordPress is that it is pretty much optimized for the search engines out of the box. Indeed with automatic pinging and permalinks you can be assured that your site will get ranked high in the search engines without too much effort. In this case you feel that this is not enough there are also some great premium WordPress plugins that exist and will really help you give your site a major boost.

Considering the budget aspect WordPress is a sure winner. It is FREE. You will not have to spend a dime in order to get the software running on your host. Also it is not greedy on resources as you will only need a hosting account that support PHP and SQL in order to get your site online.

These are only a short list of advantages that are associated with WordPress but they should be enough to help you choose the most appropriate CMS for your site.

Now enough of the talking and it is up to you to share your opinion. Please use the comment section below to share your views.

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