Why Choose Virtualisation?


Virtualisation is a commonly applied IT service which offers businesses a number of benefits. There are also multiple virtualisation services available, each of which provides different enhancements to the businesses that take advantage of them. It makes sense to think about whether or not virtualisation is appropriate for your business from a number of angles in order to build up an appropriate picture of your needs, so here is a look at virtualisation from the point of view of businesses looking to adopt.

Server Virtualisation

For many companies, the main reason to take advantage of server virtualisation is a financial one. If your company requires multiple physical servers to carry out tasks such as data storage and app management then you may find that some servers are being used more intensively than others.

This will leave you with a poorly optimised setup in which you are paying to install and maintain servers which are never being exploited to the full extent of their capacity. Virtualisation lets you reduce the number of physical servers you need and combine the forces of your hardware setup using software to create virtual servers that can handle the tasks required while having the agility and flexibility to improve efficiency and save you money.

The added benefit of virtualised servers is that adding new servers is simple to do from within the software and does not require additional investments in hardware. This will help companies to grow and respond to changing market conditions. In turn any IT staff will be better equipped to use their time effectively and improve productivity without having to constantly worry about server maintenance and upcoming hardware expenses.

Desktop Virtualisation

Similar to server virtualisation, desktop virtualisation is able to pool the available workstation resources you have on offer and not tie staff to specific computers.

You can create a company-wide infrastructure that will make it easier to manage the desktop computing environment which is necessary for your business to grow and succeed if you harness this type of virtualisation.

Virtualisation is all about detaching the limitations of computer hardware from the software and networks which help to fuel modern business. Most companies will find that some form of virtualisation is beneficial, regardless of the number of people they employ. As such it is worth looking into this area of IT with a view to make an investment at some point in the future.

Sophie works alongside Abtec and has understands the multiple benefits of choosing virtualisation.

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