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What’s The Best Approach To Building A Robust Cloud Backup System


In a typical story, there are basically just two kinds of ending: happy and sad. Those who take too long to backup their data will certainly bear the same fate as the latter. Those who are the earliest to take data backup actions, on the other hand, will enjoy a happy ending. This win-or-lose game holds the upshot of your important data.

What’s The Best Approach To Building A Robust Cloud Backup System

The antagonists could be some kind of malware, flood, fire, corruption, loss, or theft. With such many adversaries, there is only one solution: building a robust cloud backup system. However, since there can be numerous kinds of approach to the solution, you might ask, “What’s the best approach to building a robust cloud backup system?” Well, to answer that, read on.

  • Reduce cloud storage option

While it feels safer to have lots of storage services, it is greatly recommended that you reduce the number of your cloud providers to just one before creating some cloud-based backup strategies. It might not seem like it, but this step is much safer than having numerous storage services. This will also help reduce the complexity of the actual backup process.

  • Private cloud backup

The free storage cloud services are public. For private options, choose private cloud offerings. Private cloud backup allow synchronization of data across all of the devices the company owns.

  • Cloud-to-cloud backup

There are quite a number of ways to create a cloud-to-cloud backup, but the easiest one is to sign up for cloudHQ. CloudHQ is a cloud-based service that synchronizes data in different cloud services.  It not only supports nearly all cloud storage services, but also supports SharePoint, Basecamp, Evernote, and Salesforce.

  • Desktop backup

In this backup approach, the objective is to set up a desktop, make a copy of your cloud-synchronized files, and paste them periodically to a separate location. This approach, however, will need third-party software apps like GoodSync and Duplicati.

  • Appliance backup

A rather fitting approach in building a robust cloud backup system in this present age of technology is the appliance backup. This approach relies on a network-attached storage (NAS) appliance, which runs on a variety of cloud storage services such as Dropbox, OneDrive, Box, and Google Drive.

  • File versioning

File versioning is one cloud backup approach not often discussed, but is definitely worth the mention. This approach is highly pertinent in protecting data as it tracks file changes and can, therefore, recover important files. Although cloud services only offer limited support on this approach, it doesn’t function any lesser than what is expected.

Final Words

As you realize that there are several numbers of approaches on the list above, you might have thought about the next question in your head. “Which of these is the best approach?” The answer would depend on you. Those approaches in building a robust cloud backup system already belong to the list of the best. You may choose one or choose all.

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