Ways to Upgrade your Resume


Ways to Upgrade your ResumeMany people neglect to upgrade their resume and keep using the old one for years. Many of us don’t even know how to do it properly. There are plenty of ways to create and develop a resume. Below are several ideas for transforming your resume into an effective marketing tool that will get you shortlisted for interviews.

Decide upon your market

Before you start upgrading your resume, you need to review the job market you are targeting. It’s also important to decide upon the direction you want your career to go. If you have lots of different interests, then you should have different versions of your resume to match each one.

Acquire knowledge on your career target

Before you start writing your draft, thoroughly research your target job.  Communicate with people in the industry, read up on human resource and hiring criteria on quality recruitment blogs. If you are shifting careers, then you might even benefit from some evening classes to gain new skills and fill any knowledge gaps while you are job hunting.

Focus on your objectives

Writing objectives is difficult if you are changing careers. You should always mention clearly what you are looking for in your next career move. Write up an ‘’objective’’ sentence, explaining your key skills, overall career goals and an overview of how you will contribute to the organization that employs you.

For example,

Existent Objective: I aim to meet challenges by effectively availing opportunities to achieve growth and advancement.

Up gradation: I aim to be an award-winning human resource manager with effective implementation of my key skills of advanced strategic vision and management of human talent.

Don’t forget to include keywords

Nowadays, employers have databases and they often review resumes electronically. So the computer may well be able to shortlist you electronically, based on the words you have used in your CV. Note the words used in relevant job advertisements and try and use the same.

Avoid using difficult vocabulary and complex sentences. Ask assistance from a resume writer if you do not know what to write.

Proofread your resume

Resumes must be perfectly written without any spelling or grammatical errors. Make sure you have used the correct punctuation too.

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