Top Tips To Ensure Car Safety


When driving it is essential to consider the safety of yourself, your passengers and members of the public. We have presented you with a few tips to help you remain safe on the roads.

Top Tips To Ensure Car SafetySeatbelt

The most common and important aspect of staying safe in the car is your seat belt. It doesn’t matter if you are just popping down the road or you are heading out on a long road trip, you still need to make sure that you are wearing your seat belt. In major countries around the worlds it is a legal requirement for you to wear a seatbelt whenever you are in a moving car.


There is nothing worse than a distracted driver, it can be distraction from your passengers, a mobile phone or even a sat-nav. If you absolutely must get on a call then you should consider finding a safe spot to pull over or using a hands-free set. Children and pets can also be a distraction, it is important that they are strapped into their car seat or seat belt.


Most people will probably be familiar with the term “Speed Kills”. This quote use to be seen on everything and it still applies today. Speeding is a constant in most car accidents so you should always follow the allowed speed where ever you’re driving.


Due to the unpredictability of the weather it is hard to know how to prepare for it, generally you should always be cautious in extreme weather. The internet is filled with tips to help drivers maneuver the roads in cases of extreme weather. If possible you should be driving below the speed limit to give you enough time to account for anything that might come your way.


Tailgating is very dangerous and drivers are expected to use their judgment based on the type of driver that they are and the type of car they are driving. Safe driving guidelines advise drivers to keep a safe distance between themselves and the car in front of them leaving them with enough time to react to sudden stops.

Drinking and Driving

According to research, more people die from drink driving accidents more than from other alcohol related deaths. Driving above the legal limit can cause distractions and impairments one of which is a slower reaction time which can cause fatal car collisions. If you’ve been drinking, but you are not sure if you are above the legal limit, it is better not to drive that to drive and run the risk of getting a ticket, fine, prison time or even work death.

Regular Breaks

If you plan on driving long distance you should plan and schedule some time into rest, you should aim to rest for at least 20 minutes every 2 hours. If you are driving with pets or little children remember not to leave them in the car as heatstroke can be dangerous and in some cases even fatal.

These are just basic tips to help you get on your way to safer driving. Other aspects that you might want to consider are your car lights, brakes, water, oils and Tyre pressure.

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