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New mobile applications are flooding the market everyday to make working on the move easier. Major mobile operators like Samsung, Blackberry are moving head to head with the Apple store in introducing new applications for their users.  Many of these mobile applications are free to download and use but some of them require to be paid for.

Hereunder are the top 7 mobile applications that increase your personal productivity in terms of time and money.

  1. Documents to Go

Documents to Go are the most popular mobile application in document editing space. The application is available for all mobile platforms and includes Word to Go, Spreadsheet to Go, Slideshow to Go for viewing files in various formats like .doc, xls, ppt, jpg, .gif and many others.

The application can also edit text based files and has various other options that are available in the Microsoft Word. Power point and excel spreadsheets cannot however be edited.

  1. Corta do Connect

Corta do Connect is a document organizing and storage application that is free on Blackberry mobile. Using the application you can view and organize documents using cut, copy, paste, delete, rename and create functions. The application also allows you to manage your files on your black berry device or memory card and exchange items between two storage devices as well.

  1. Think Free Mobile

Think Free Mobile is an office suite application for Android phones. The application allows the user to view, edit, edit and create Microsoft Word, Excel and Power point documents and manage them as well. The on device file manager allows you to send the attachments directly from the device without having to download on the mobile.

  1. Soft Maker Office 2008

Soft Maker Office 2008 allows you to open, edit and save any Microsoft Word, Excel or Power point file on your pocket PC along with formatting of the files. The application has four separate parts to perform different functions.

With the Text Maker you can add graphics, footnotes, tables and comments to the word document and export the files as PDF’s. The Plan Maker allows you to create charts and display it on Excel. Soft Maker allows creation of presentation on the go. With the soft Maker you can add pictures, shapes, colors, patterns and slide shows and animations on the Power Point.

  1. e Office

EOffice application costs around $ 29.95 and is a suite of application tools to edit Microsoft Word, Excel and PDF documents.  With the eOffice application you can access your computer files directly from your Blackberry mobile and send documents as attachments.

The application allows you edit Microsoft documents including all formatting present in the original document including fonts, font style, paragraphs and bulleted lists as well. The application also allows you to create; view and edit Microsoft excel spreadsheet on the device. The application also allows you to view Power Point, PDF, CSV, Faxes and Image files.

  1. Mobi System Office Suite

The Mobi System Office Suite application is meant for mobiles that run on Symbian platform and is available for £ 11.99-£ 14.99. The application allows the user to create, view and edit Word, Excel and Power Point files away from the office.

  1. Microsoft Office Mobile

Microsoft Office Mobile application is designed for windows mobile phones. Through this application you can open and edit Microsoft Office Word, Excel and Power Point documents. The professional version of the application allows additional features like spell checker, creation of charts in Excel and highlighting parts of a document.

Have you downloaded any of these apps?

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