Top 6 Drone Accessories For Unbeatable Versatility


The hobbyist drone has significantly gained in consumer popularity recently, mainly due to the affordability factor. Advances in the technology have made personal drones within reach for the average Joe. Companies have developed drones with professional applications, as well as models just for the joy of flying. But, once used a couple of times, just like with any other hobby, the “dronist” quickly discovers the myriad of accessories to make the flying experience more fun. Below are some of the “must have” accessories for drone enthusiasts.

Collapsible Sunshade

It is virtually impossible to see the screen on a tablet or smart phone in bright sunlight. This handy gadget shields the screen, freeing up the drone flyer to concentrate of other concerns, such as not crashing or keeping up with battery levels.

Extra Batteries

Probably goes without saying, but at least one extra fully-charged battery can make a difference in enjoying the whole experience or just flying a little and running home to recharge. Increase actual flying and enjoyment time by having a couple of extra batteries charged and ready to go! Along the same lines, a couple of extra mini SD cards tucked into a bag can save the day as well.

Top 6 Drone Accessories For Unbeatable Versatility

First Person View Monitor

A First Person View (FVP) monitor allows the pilot to view from the position of actually being on the drone. First person view allows for more accuracy in flight, higher and further flying, and avoiding obstacles. An FPV monitor can help the drone pilot get the shot intended.

GPS Tracker

One of the biggest concerns in flying a drone is the fly away. Small GPS tracking devices mounted on the drone can help locate it if it gets out of sight. The tracker from Drone ETC. sends an alert to a smart phone and provides location tracking to help find the errant device.

Hard Case

For traveling with a drone or just for organizing all the equipment, a hard case with foam compartments is just the thing. Coming in a variety of options and custom fitted for specific models, several different brands offer a variety of choices from backpack style to wheeled versions.

Second Remote

A second remote can double the fun by allowing two people to operate the drone. One person focuses on piloting while the other operates the gimbal and camera.

The advances in technology have increased the popularity of drones for personal as well as professional use. The applications for this technology are ever increasing, but just the pure fun makes drone a great hobby! So, get out there and fly!

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