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When most people hear of drones, the only picture that comes into their minds is of an unmanned aerial vehicle that is controlled by the military. However, over the years various companies have been able to create playful and resourceful consumer drones that can be locally purchased. It is obvious that these drones are becoming more popular day after day. This is because they hold tremendous potential in being used for different tasks.

From commercially delivering packs to photography, and even extreme sports, their uses are widely varied. Their potential market is quite diverse. Parrot is one of the pioneers of these high-tech flyers and many other manufacturers have also emerged today. Curious on knowing the top consumer drones in the market? Here are the best consumer drones available on amazon.

Top 5 Consumer Drones

Parrot AR. Drone 2.0

It is the most popular drone currently available in the consumer market today. It caught the attention of many in 2012’s Consumer Electronics Show due to several reasons. It has an improved control system, can create a Wi-Fi network, and has a built-in camera that is capable of capturing videos of 720HD. Under its hood is a high density battery that is expected to give up to 50% more power. The device has a flight time of between 18 and 20 minutes.

DJI Phantom GPS Drone

This is a GPS-enabled quadcopter that comes with a number of impressive features. It has a control unit capable of supporting a distance of up to 300 meters, automatic landing option in case the battery gets drained, and an Autopilot Mode. The key features that differentiate the Phantom from other drones is that it comes with an in-built camera mount that supports numerous action cameras such as the GoPro HERO. You also do not have to be worried that your device may get lost as it is programmed to go back to the last location it was flown.

RC Micro Drone Quadcopter

Its automatic gyro control and four rotors make it possible to safely fly this miniature drone throughout the house while avoiding to hit any valuables, family members, or pets. The device perform 3600 flips and sharp turns in midair. The compactly designed remote control has an impressive digital panel with a customizable layout for left- and right- handed users.

Parrot Minidrones Rolling Spider

The rolling spider has a brilliant design. It is equipped with Bluetooth smart technology that allows you to connect it to your tablet or smartphone. This enables users to easily pilot it using the freeflight 3 application available for free on online mobile stores. Additionally, this lively and fun robot has incredible acrobatic moves that are pre-programmed such as turning 900 and 1800 or flipping 3600. Additionally, it has an embedded camera and removable wheels for rolling across floor, ceilings, and up walls.

UDI UFO Quadcopter

This is an amazing low budget and easy to control drone. Its main feature is a HD camera that records video using an included USB cable. The drone is enhanced on performing tech tricks like rolling over and doing flips. It is suitable for both kids and adults.

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