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If you do a lot of driving then your GPS system can be one of your best friends. Even if you don’t, it’s simply worth having one on hand for those occasions when you are away from home and the chances of you getting lost are significant.

In recent years we have seen huge advances in GPS and most of our phones even have apps that provide the service. However, even nowadays nothing beats a GPS navigation system that is specifically for the purpose at hand. These systems are extremely affordable and also come with a range of apps and extras that show their progress – here are five of the best.

Binatone F350
This extremely low cost option comes from Binatone, a company familiar to anyone who has gone on the search for low cost electronics. It’s the perfect low cost GPS system and one that does all the basics well – all a lot of people want. It is a little rough around the edges, we won’t lie, but with a 3.5inch screen and 2D and 3D maps, as well as safety camera alerts – you can’t argue for the price.

Navman EZY
For a little more than the Binatone, the Navman offers a recognisable name in the market and though once more it doesn’t grab attention with its spec, it does all the simple things well. It has all the features of the Binatone as well as lane guidance and a feature to warn you if you drive above the speed limit. It’s a nice little package for the price.

Garmin 1200
Though when you initially look at this Garmin you wonder what the difference is from other GPS systems of the same price, there are extras. The Garmin comes with extras such as ecoRoute software, which allows you the most efficient route for a journey. It also includes all the location services around you and speed limit warnings and camera locations. Ideal for holidays when car leasing and strange locations are a likelihood.

RAC 5000
This widescreen device is only available in the UK and Ireland, however for its price offers that much lauded wide screen display which really is a bonus for those quick glances. It’s 5 inches wide and provides plenty of information and updates alongside its wide aesthetic.

TomTom Start 20
We take a little bit of a leap in price here, but the TomTom Start 20 is one that is loved by many and rightly so. It has a feel of quality about it that places it in a higher bracket, though it’s only a little more expensive than the aforementioned offerings. The interface is also lovely and very smooth and we really enjoyed using it. The screen also is a lot brighter than the others and though it doesn’t have Bluetooth connectivity or traffic jam updates, it’s up there with GPS twice the price otherwise.

The system also includes road names and junction views and there are a wide range of points of interest to take your fancy when driving.

So, there are our favourite budget GPS satellite Navigation systems and as you can see they offer plenty of bang for your buck.

Cormac Reynolds is a tech geek and writes for UK car leasing and contract hire company First Vehicle Leasing

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