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Spirituality differs from person to person. It can mean religion, meditation or even tarot readings. No matter the type of spirituality that a person lives by, it helps to bring greater meaning to activities and interactions with others. If you’re looking for an Android app to help you connect with your spiritual side, you’re in luck. Thousands of users just like you have downloaded these apps, all of which have a rating of four stars or more.

1. ConZentrate
This app might use a funny spelling, but it hasn’t received a single rating less than five stars in the Play Store. Android users love ConZentrate because it helps users meditate with the aid of visual and audio cues. The meditation app lets users find their center, relax and improve their spiritual health with the practice known as Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. By providing a focus for the gaze, ConZentrate enables the user to improve memory, mental faculties and build meditation skills.

2. Bible Verses Live Wallpaper
Almost 2,000 users have installed the free version of this live wallpaper, which displays popular Bible versions over soothing backgrounds. Another 800 users have paid the $1.50 for the pro version to see more backgrounds and verses. It’s an easy way for Christians to center themselves, remain in touch with God and remember what’s important just by looking at the screen of their phones.

3. Bible Quotes
This aptly-named app has been downloaded by more than 25,000 Android owners. Not only will you see new quotes from the Bible on a daily basis, but the developers are constantly adding new sayings. An interesting element of this app, which is free from the Play Store, is that you can share quotes via social networks like Facebook and Twitter, SMS, email and even your WordPress blog. If you find a quote specifically compelling or pertinent to your life or know that a loved one needs some uplifting, you can share directly from the Bibles Quotes app itself.

4. Buddha Quotes & Buddhism Free!
Christians don’t get to have all the fun when it comes to Android apps. As the name suggests, this app is free to install on your Android device. Whether you want to know more about Buddha and Buddhism or you already subscribe to the practices, this app is for you. The app includes all of the teachings of the spiritual leader Siddhartha Gautama who helped to found Buddhism. You can browse by alphabet or swipe to see a random Buddhist quote. Mark your favorite quotes so that you can easily find them in the future and organize sayings by authors or topics. If you’re inclined, you can receive a quote of the day, which you can post to Facebook or Twitter. This app includes a few more customization options, letting you specify backgrounds and fonts to make the app easier to read.

5. Galaxy Tarot
The last app on this list takes a different angle at spirituality. This free Android app acts like a professional tarot reader, providing you with unique readings and analyzing them to provide insight into your life. Pull a single card for quick questions or let the app lay out cards using one of three popular spreads: Celtic Cross, Relationship and Three Card spread. Galaxy Tarot also acts as encyclopedia with card meanings and links to Wikipedia. You can end all your sessions by recording information in your tarot journal. Finally, this app features multiple backgrounds from which you can choose.

These apps have stood the test of time, providing daily spiritual guidance to users worldwide.

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Ted Golden is a theologist and guest author at Christian Bible Colleges, a site with information about top-rated Christian degree programs online.

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