The Virtual Office: A Stitch in Time


SMEs in the business world should have business nous, passion, capital and the ability to find the most underestimated and elusive thing –  time. This is where otherwise brilliant entrepreneurs and freelancers often begin to feel the pinch as they spread themselves thin; practical everyday tasks like bookkeeping, minute taking, typing out letters, faxing, posting and general reception can fall by the wayside as the business grows more quickly than it can handle. Instead of dropping the ball, read on for some tips about how to manage the business in a clever, punctual and more professional manner. Welcome to a brand spanking new virtual office.

Skills Traverse Time Zones

In an article by Entrepreneur magazine, a husband and wife team created market research company Outsell in California in the early 00’s. Taking a leap of faith, they employed 35 highly-qualified people around America and used a sophisticated intranet, phone and email system to keep everyone on the same page. Streamlining their business in this way allowed them to have sales projections of $7m US in the following year. This style of working has grown rapidly in the US and is taking off in the UK as well; if you work with a scattered team or need admin help, it may pay to seek virtual office services which offer a central address, telephone receptionist, mail forwarding and meeting rooms for hire when the group all gets together.

Qualification Searching

Support staff is crucial to the success of a new business. Employing a virtual receptionist, secretary, book-keeper, copywriter, editor and even designer can be as simple as the click of a mouse nowadays. The benefits of this include: less workload, more time to focus upon other business needs, and lower overheads compared with employing staff in an on-site office. Another option is to lease out a shared office space with other business people for meetings, business gatherings and forwarded mail. Click here to browse offices in Glasgow, Manchester, London and other major cities around the UK which offer serviced offices.

Before Committing

When selecting a firm ask to check some recommendations, testimonials or references from former customers. Find out if the services are consistent, professional and reliable when required. Overall, with some research and well-placed enthusiasm, a virtual or serviced office can save time and help both the small business owner and the contractors working for them.

For more information about the brave new world of the virtual office, check out the article in Entrepreneur Magazine.

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