The Top 3 iPad Anesthesia Apps For Doctors


An Anesthesiologist is a person who’s trained to administer anesthesia to patients before operations and other medical procedures. However, this is a really delicate procedure and the patient has to be administered a perfect dose; else there’s a risk of the patient falling into a coma.

Therefore, only professional medical practitioners are allowed to do this under the supervision of an anesthetist.  There are plenty of apps to help you out when it comes to calculating the dosage and they’re definitely a step in the right direction.

Anesthesiology i-pocket cards
This app is specially designed to suit both the iPad as well as iPhone. It basically serves as a reference guide using which you could easily compile scores, algorithms, classifications as well as any kind of dosage information that you’re in search of.

The app comes along with a hypothermia algorithm which helps treat this problem in addition to a pediatric drug dosage table and plenty of other algorithms. Apart from these algorithms, the app also includes fluids and electrolyte management.

Some of the features include:

  • Really simple navigation which helps you gather all the information you need in a few seconds
  • You’re free to choose your navigation style either TOC view or Classic View
  • The diagrams, charts as well as tables are well formatted and illustrated; and therefore, they’re high quality and easy to understand.
  • The classic view can be zoomed into.
  • There’s a special BBiTools section that would keep you notified about the latest apps released into the market.

Gas Guide – Anesthesia Quick Reference
This is a medical resource which is available for free and is suitable for both medical students as well as residents. There’s a lot that this app does right from providing you with information based on anesthesia as well as operative safety checklists and a lot more.

This app is updated frequently and therefore, any errors that crept in were dealt with. Moreover, the creators of this app are open to suggestions, so you would be able to see what you want!

Physicians Board Review Q&A for Anesthesia (Vol 1)
This is yet another app with dual functionality – capable of running on both the iPhone as well as iPad. There are hundreds of questions that have logical and well explained answers along with cited references for further research.

This app was basically designed to help out students, nurses, assistants, residents as well as a few beginning medical practitioners.

When you browse through the app store, you’d surely find plenty of apps that would be able to help you out. But, when it comes to the anesthesia section, the above are the best and various users have recommended them.

However, as time passes by, there would be a lot of updates to these current apps as well as the launch of entirely new apps which would be able to help you out a lot. Therefore, you should keep in constant touch with the app market if you want to have a great collection of apps.

As a SEO consultant, Abhishek works with a number of 24 hour emergency vet and doctors. He likes to travel and go on hiking in his spare time.

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