The Tech Behind Road Paint’s Role In Reducing Traffic Accidents


Numerous researches have been done to study road safety across different places.  Concrete results of action based on these studies are the complex road networks all around the world.

With the growing infrastructure also come enhanced road safety mechanisms to protect motorists and pedestrians from being injured or killed due to vehicular accidents. Today, safe roads are designed to help motorists comply with speed limits and other traffic regulations.

Road safety measures are constantly being updated to ensure a safe and secure road for drivers and pedestrians.

The Tech Behind Road Paint’s Role In Reducing Traffic Accidents

Statistics on Road Safety

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), more than one million people are killed on roads each year.  In a 2004 WHO report, it was estimated that 1.2 million people were killed and 50 million were injured in traffic collisions every year.

These accidents were reported to be the leading cause of death among children 10 – 19 years old.  It was also noted that these cases were common in developing countries and that the number of cases could have been halved through simple preventive measures.

In 2010, it was estimated that 1.24 million people were killed worldwide and 50 million were injured due to motor vehicle collisions. Young adults aged 15 – 44 years old account for 59% of deaths on the road.

By 2020, the number of road traffic deaths is estimated to reach 1.9 million annually if no action is taken to improve safety conditions. Considering the increase in number of vehicles being manufactured every year, these are very alarming statistics.

Helping Reduce Road Casualties

Fortunately, there have been several active campaigns that aim to raise awareness on road casualties, and some of these include the Decade of Action by WHO (2011 – 2020), Designated Driver Campaign (1970s – present), Click it or Ticket (1993 – present) and Green Cross Code (1970 – present).

Across the world, there are also various institutions that provide traffic management services that help reduce accidents on the roads. An example would be Traffic Safe Limited, which offers a variety of services such as pavement testing, manhole inspection and traffic control, among others.

Developments on Road Safety

Aside from the materials used in the constructing the roads, there are other devices that have been developed as additional safety measures.  Among these developments are different traffic paint types to be used in road markings.  These markings guide motorists and pedestrians where they should go and how they should move while traversing the roads.  Keeping road users where they are supposed to be has significantly reduced incidences of traffic accidents.

Not all road paint are the same.  High quality paint is necessary to ensure that the markings serve their purpose.  Road paint by Ennis Flint is among the most popular brands used in the traffic safety and pavement making industry.

It is definitely no easy task to devise and implement plans to improve road safety.  Nevertheless, it should be done in order to prevent injury and chaos.  Investing in high quality materials to achieve this end should not be an issue.


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