The Rise Of TV Dongles


The way we enjoy our favourite programs on television has faced much change and progression in recent years. We can pause, rewind and forward our favourite programs nowadays, while the ability to record material directly onto our cable and satellite boxes make the conveniences of modern television even greater. Now, TV dongles look set to revolutionise the way we enjoy our television.

What Are TV Dongles
Developments in internet and television technology have led to the making of internet enabled televisions. It is from this that TV dongles have sprung forth.

A TV dongle is a portable adapter that connects to our televisions that allows us to stream our desired TV programs on demand. Users are thus able to enjoy TV shows, films and live sport on demand. In addition, games can be played via TV dongles and music listened to.

A Rapid Rise
As with any appealing technological advancement, more and more people are quickly clocking unto the advantages offered via TV dongles. Toshiba, Samsung, Sony and Tivizen are but a few of the growing number of companies that currently deal in TV dongles.

Visopix is a fantastic homegrown manufacturer that allows users to establish streaming access with the most popular British channels and television networks. It is an HDMI stick that also allows users to watch their existing subscription packages such as LoveFilm and Netflix, BBC iPlayer and ITV Player. The thing that sets Visopix apart from its competitors however is the social media aspect of the brand’s devices, which allow social interaction with friends while watching television. Users can thus interact with friends while watching television through the device.

In light of this in fact, it can be noted that social media seems to also be on the verge of dramatically changing the way we enjoy our television. The ability to talk to friends and family while viewing our favourite programs is a remarkable alteration to television experience and one that will soon develop more and more. TV dongles seem to be pioneering this change.

Some thirty years ago, the words ‘video killed the radio star’ rung loud for the first time around the world and spoke of how the once dominant entertainment means of radio, had lost its power to television. Three decades on and advancements in computer and internet technology have changed television forever and revolutionising the way we watch our favourite programs. This change looks set to increase in intensity and speed. We may be close to witnessing a completely different way to enjoying television.

Mark Winters is a British freelance writer with a passion for technology

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