The Pro Book 4425 from HP with Extra Utilities


The Pro Book 4425 from HP with extra utilities

This laptop is ideal for all sorts of business people coming within your budget for $699. It contains 14 inches long screen packed with all essential elements of laptop. If you are not in a position to afford for high priced ones, then Pro book will come as a respite for small business class people.Appearance wise it looks more expensive with a stylish bronze coating. Weighing just 5 pounds it is convenient to carry this laptop with you anywhere you go. After uncovering the machine, you are greeted with chocolate coloured keyboard with white letters embedded on it. Even though it was not supporting any lighting for using in a dark room it is easy to read and use the laptop in regular lighting.

The keyboard is quite roomy and comfortable for typing. HP does not support multimedia connectivity in this system. Control of volume and brightness can be done by function button. Unlike in some other models which use F-key for changing volume, this Pro book is standard in its approach.

One big drawback is its touch pad interface which contains some area apart from right and left mouse keys separated by strong white lines printed on them. So, if you are new user then you have to remember the place correctly as the endpoint of pad and the beginning point of mouse button. That area was somewhat dead and not felt good in our opinion.

The screen is comfortable enough providing enough brightness to read even in dark. And is big enough for viewing Windows but not for games. The laptop is equipped with an excellent web camera of 2 mega pixel the functions of which are great in dim light conditions also.

The memory of Pro Book is 320 GB which is somewhat low capacity in the current situation. The Drive guard mechanism protects the laptop from shock or sudden movement. There are plenty of device and sockets for giving external connection like VGA connector, HDMI port, and USB port.

Being priced within the budget, HP has made it again through its components and features inside this laptop. On testing for media crunching HP was performing little below average on the aspect of testing iTunes, or MP3 music. Basically designed for office use Pro book 4425s has overthrown other laptops on testing for graphic front. Even for playing games, the horsepower was performing well for lighter games.

One thing has to be openly admitted about its battery life. On comparing the figures of battery life with other notebooks, Pro book’s battery was lesser than average. Hence it warrants you to buy 9 celled batteries for running it more hours.

All the drawbacks are made good by the software accessories from HP. They come in the form of ‘Day starter’, ‘Quick look’, and ‘Quick web’ from HP. All soft wares are highly useful and unique in their own way. HP also cares for protecting the laptop by including ‘Protect Tools’ in the form of security. A number of soft wares from third party applications are included in Pro book 4425s.

Priced within your reach, this stylish laptop from HP will be comfortable for you along with added utilities.

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