The Family Of Cisco Certifications


The Family Of Cisco Certifications

Cisco certifications are the most significant certifications in the field of information technology and the certified people are highly advantaged people as they have obtained the opportunity to move ahead in their career pathway. Knowledge as well training of the networking system along with their positive and negative aspects is the areas of specialization that the Cisco certifications address.

Today the world is standing on the base of IT and within this base the role played by LANs and WANs is the most vital one. Therefore, people with this certification are in high demand and they work on five different levels of expertise from Entrance to Associate, Professional, Expert and architect. In this way, the Cisco certifications follow a planned pathway for the attainment of skills right from the beginning till the highest expert stages.

The entrance level is all about the basics of networking and is called the CCENT certification. On the other hand, the associate level tests can be either CCNA or CCDA. Passing the basic level test of CCENT can make you go to the highest and the professional levels. These highest levels not only focus on the applicability of the knowledge that the candidate possess, but they also enhances the experience level of the candidate in the field.

The Family Of Cisco Certifications

CCNP is the certification that is awarded at the professional level. In this test, a medium sized network is given to the candidates and they have to show that they can handle the issues related to different aspects of that networking system. CCVP, CCSP and CCIP are some other professional level certifications offered by the Cisco networking.

CCIE is the architect level of certification. This is most important and the most difficult test of the Cisco certifications. It enhances people’s skills, but acquisition of these skills is very difficult in this case. This level is specifically designed for those candidates who wish to have full command and control over the networking systems.

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