The Dell XPS 17 Review


The Dell XPS 17 Review

Dell XPS 17’s newest kid on the block is one of the fastest notebooks on the market. It comes with a top -draw keyboard, complete with backlit choice, a soothing mouse and an assortment of processor choices. You will also be blown away by the first HD webcam to ever grace a laptop. The machine suffers from lack of 1080p resolution, but the absence of VGA should be seen as a compliment. The graphics chip is affected by heat. The unit no doubt breaks new ground, while still respecting some laptop home truths.

It uses Core i7 740QM CPU from intel that travels at a speed of 1.73GHz and suplimented by turboboost of 2.93GHz. It comes with 6GB of RAM memory and a couple of 500GB hard drives. The storage armour is further beefed by Blu -ray ROM DVD/RAM combo drive, that comes in handy when playing High -difinition Blu -ray videos supported by PowerDVD 9.6 software that comes ensuite. The package also includes integrated nVidia GeForce 445M graphics chipset, bundled with 3 giga byte of graphics memory. The system also supports Optimus autoswitching technology. The machine scores an impressive 1286 on the newest DirectX 11 benchmark, a testimony to its rich gaming potential.

The unit also puts up a quality show in actual game activity. You should be able to churn at least thirty frames per second with 1600 by 900 resolution. The machine comes with two USB 3.0 ports and a single USB 2.0 port, bundled with USB2.0/ eSATA combo port all of which sprowl on the system. You will also benefit from an SD/MMC card that accepts the newest SDXC memory card standard. The rich catalogue of software also include twin digital video outputs, gigabit ethernet port, HDMI and a mini -Display connector.

You will definately love the video playback on the 1600 by 900 pixel resolution display, while cursing the odd omission of genuine 1080 pixel resolution. The below -per viewing angles, coupled with color shifting will test your nerves. But you will more than love the impressive audio quality that does not fail even with the withdrawal of audio enhancements.The speakers from JBL produces commendable mid -bass performance, but real bass is a mirage. Its color rendition and photographs quality is another tick in the box. The machine packs a weight of 8.2 pounds and reaches 9.5 pounds with a power brick in toe.

The newest Dell XPS is a true exponent of Dell’s sacred ideals. It uses synergy to produce an ace product that has brocken new grounds along the way. Its price of $1579, even if critics contend it should have been a bit south of that, is worth it.

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