The Best Way to Make Your Computer and Internet Connection Secure


A number of people across the world have had an access to other people’s Wi-Fi networks.  This is little hindrance associated with this move especially when one has no bad intentions.  Network owners should know that not everyone from all corners of the world is honest.  Hackers are also trying as much as possible to monitor each and every activity that takes place in an individual’s network.

The Best Way to Make Your Computer and Internet Connection Secure


One should encryption his/her WI-FI network which records and monitors the data transfer from a PC to a wireless router. Most cases, the shipper do not turn the encryption on which exposes them to hackers.  One should try as much as possible to encrypt the router and select the best form which is well supported by ones own network. In this case the recent wireless protected access is preferable.

Wireless protected access

Using a wireless protected access is preferable because one cannot easily crack it. Unlike the wireless encryption protocol which is rather easy to crack.  Remember that using both techniques is not possible hence one should always choose properly.  Hackers find it more difficult because WAP as well as WAP2 changes their keys which make it impossible to hack.  In encryption passwords, they should be strong, for instance, the combination of letters should be up to 14 words as well as more.

If one uses older router which basically supports only WEP, 128-bit WEP is preferable because it’s safer. It can be updated using firmware updates that facilitates additional of WAP support.  One should regularly visit the manufacturers’’ website to acquire any new information that will enable the protection of the wireless network.  One can as well change the older router to a new router that is able to support both WAP as well as WAP2.  One should also consider changing the default network titles as well as passwords on a router.  This will give the hackers no chance to access ones network.

Building up of firewalls

Building up of firewalls on ones computer   gives computers protection against hackers who are interested in accessing ones PC. It is worth noting that firewalls do not prevent people from accessing ones network signals. With the latest technology, Wi-Fi signal can cover a wider area.  Any one can hack into ones Wi-Fi network connection and monitor the traffic hence it is advisable to encrypt the PCs.

Precautionary measures

Web traffic should take precautions especially when accessing internet connection in public hot spots which do not use encryption.  The following aspects should be considered when accessing internet in public hotspots:

  • One should ensure that the hotspot is legal. Despicable individuals will not find it a big deal to pirate a router and use it to earn money from unsuspecting users.
  • One should avoid sending sensitive data such as bank passwords, credit card number, private e-mails as well as other not unless one is sure that the site is safe from hackers.

Securing a safe as well as maintaining a wireless network is very important hence one should always ensure that their computers are exposed to adequate protection against hackers.

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