The Best Hair Care Gadgets Worth Investing In


Hair care is a multi-billion dollar industry spanning across the globe. Some of the biggest corporations in the world run beauty and cosmetic companies that manufacture products for hair care. In addition, there are a number of small companies that are also vying for a slice of the pie that is the hair products market. As a result, the market is filled with a number of devices and gadgets for consumers to choose from. Besides the usual hair care and styling devices, there are a few gadgets out there that definitely worth investing in. Here are the best hair care gadgets that you should consider adding to your collection:

Titanium-Plate Mini Styling Iron
Your usual styling iron may be great for regular use, but can prove to be a real hassle when you are travelling. Hair care and styling products take up a lot of valuable luggage space and the mini styling iron is perfect for those who need their styling iron on the go. However, do not assume that the mini styling iron is only for travellers. Good quality mini styling irons usually have titanium plates, which help deliver a superior performance. The best quality mini styling irons are known to outperform traditional styling irons and that too for a lower cost. While it is not advisable to have electrical gadgets stored in the bathroom, titanium- plate mini styling irons are definitely the way to go if you must have a styling iron in the bathroom.

Volumising Brush
There is an increasing demand for hair styling products that are not harmful to the hair and scalp in the long term. While there are some products available that claim to be beneficial, they are merely toned down versions of their larger counterparts. As a result, they may be better for your hair and scalp, but they also end up compromising on quality. This is where the volumising brush proves its worth. Not only do volumising hot brushes allow you to achieve professional quality styling at home, they make sure your hair does not suffer the ill-effects of a curling iron. Most volumising hot brushes heat up and cool down in an instant, which makes them perfect for travellers.

Heated Rollers
Whenever the word ‘rollers’ is mentioned, the first thing that pops into mind is the jumbo plastic rollers that are most commonly available. While rollers are very effective, they do have a major drawback – you have to leave the rollers on for a very long time to get the desired level of curls. You could use a curling iron, but it wouldn’t be the best option for your hair. The best solution is to invest in a good set of heated curlers. They use heat to give you the right amount of curls, but not so much that will damage you hair fibres. Why leave plastic curlers on overnight when the same job can be accomplished by heated rollers within a matter of minutes.

For excellent hair styling, all you have to do is look beyond the traditional products on sale. Invest in these 3 amazing gadgets and you can get professional quality hair styles for a fraction of the cost, while minimizing damage to your hair.

Jane Mi is renowned blogger and writes passionately about beauty and fairness. She prefers hair extensions over colouring and perming of hair because it increases the hair volume without damaging your hair.

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