Technologies That Turn Back The Hands Of Time


The adage “you are only as old as you feel” carries a lot more meaning when you have technology working in your favor. Today’s world of electronic gadgets and scientific improvements are making even the Baby Boomers feel as if they are young again. Whether it is a medical procedure like LASIK or a new toy such as an E-Reader, the modern advances of our time will take you back.

Social Networking
Who doesn’t enjoy a good gossip fest now and again? It used to be people communicated through snail mail and landline phones. Social networking has changed all that for the better. Now, you can keep in touch with your childhood sweetheart or friends that live across the country in real-time through websites like Facebook and Twitter. You attend weddings without ever leaving your home with the wonder of YouTube. Spending some time socializing online is a sure-fire way to stay young.

Remember the days of going to the library and checking out a good book? Today, print media is digital. You download a bestseller and use eBook exchanges sites and book clubs to swap. Reading has always been a way to transport yourself to another world. Now you do it without a library card. Just get a Kindle or Nook and read forever.

Spray-On Tanning
Nothing makes you feel quite as pretty as a nice caramel-colored tan. With today’s technology, there is no reason to risk the UV rays, or deal with sand fleas, while trying to get a good bronzing. Spray-on seems like a cheat, but it is faster and safer than the old-fashion way of tanning. You want to feel good about the way your look? Treat yourself to tan from a can.

Medical science even has an answer for the vision blues that come with growing older. Diminishing eyesight and reading glasses are sure signs of age. Corrective surgery is a safe and painless way to lose the glasses or contacts forever. With a little snip and some modern laser action, an ophthalmologist gives you 20/20s again. The procedure takes minutes, recovery time is short and the results are usually almost perfect vision. If heavy glasses are making you feel your age, an eye clinic and technology makes them obsolete.

From self-check outs at the grocery store, cameras that snap your picture if you run a red light, to satellite tracking – technology is becoming the world around us. A simple change in wardrobe used to be the remedy to youthfulness; in today’s age though, feeling young has never been so high-tech.

Mercedes Potter is a writer who is discussing growth in demographic for technology. For more information on Lasik in La Jolla, follow her @CedesPotter.

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