Taking A Look At The New Windows Phone 8: Best Features


On October 29, 2012, Microsoft will be officially launching the latest addition to the line of Windows Mobile platforms, Windows Phone 8. The new mobile operating system shares much of its features with the recently released desktop version, Windows 8, and is reputed to show Microsoft’s renewed focus on business applications.

The new OS was first unveiled in June of 2012, when Microsoft debuted its entry into the tablet devices market, the Microsoft Surface, and many seem to be impressed by the codenamed Apollo.

Windows Phone 8: Best Features – Focus on Business Applications 

Windows Phone 8 will have the latest MS Office Mobile applications which include Powerpoint, Excel, Outlook, Word, and OneNote. The new mobile Office suite integrates seamlessly with Office 2013, allowing users to continue on reading their documents from exactly where they left off on their desktop or on their mobile phone. The new OS will also feature 128-bit support for BitLocker encryption and a secure boot function. Countless business apps such as PoS apps, product catalogs, dashboards, and workflow management apps will also become available. It will also come pre-installed with Internet Explorer 10, the latest mobile web browser from Microsoft which boasts of malware protection and a faster JavaScript performance.

Windows Phone 8: Best Features – Hardware Compatibility

The new OS will be officially launched on phones manufactured by Samsung, HTC, Nokia, and Huawei. Windows Phone 8 will be optimized for devices with larger screens, as in tablet devices, with screens as large as WVGA 800×480 15:9, WXGA 1280×768 15:9, and 720p 1280×720 16:9 being supported.
It will also support multi-core chipsets, better support for removable storage, and improved support for near-field communication between phones, computers, and tablet devices. Some the network carriers that will have Windows Phone 8 devices in their roster are Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint.

Windows Phone 8: Best Features – Better UI for Business Users 

The new user interface features bright and colorful live tiles that can change depending on the user’s preference. It can be useful to business users in such a way that users can pin a contact’s information on the start screen as a separate tile, giving the user quick access to that contact’s personal information, or new messages and missed calls from that contact, and sometimes the occasional Facebook status update.

Business users will also be able to easily access their files via the Skydrive app, which allows them to view, create and edit a wide variety of file types such as presentations, documents and spreadsheets. The new OS even comes with a new and improved wallet tile,

Windows Phone 8: Best Features – Firmware Over the Air Updates
There will now be an option for users to update the device firmware via over-the-air communications. Instead of having to connect their device to a PC, users can connect wirelessly or through GPRS in order to successfully update their phone or tablet device.

Also, Microsoft is working on developing more apps and more updates available in the Marketplace soon. In the long run, Microsoft hopes that the new Windows Phone 8 can become the next stage of evolutionary development when it comes to mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets devices

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