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Online marketing for an Internet business has several options. Using an advertising platform that has a screen grabbing application is a current trend in online marketing. This application uses a branding technique through the use of images and online headlines. Each of these marketing networks are available to online businesses that choose to use pictures as a way to brand their products and services. These two methodologies create communication boards that display a company’s achievements. The online shopper is able to understand the business and its services through a series of headlines, descriptions, and images about the products and services. An online entrepreneur may be working from home. This style of advertising can be created and administered from an Internet connection. The business owner can add pictures to the online communication board as the business promotes various products or services.


Behance is an online network that includes a showcase for the portfolios of the businesses. This showcase can allow the online shopper to discover the creative work of the portfolio businesses. This network can be used to brand a business and create a recognition for the products and services. Visual identity is important for the Behance network portfolios. Traffic promotion is emphasized, and the images for the portfolios become logos and identities for the companies. There is an audio and identity feature for this portfolio network as well.


Storify is similar to the Behance network in that they are both screen grabbing portfolios for online businesses. These two networks are both places to brand a product or service. Storify members can create a story of their business or enterprise with text headlines and images. These images can be updated as the business grows and develops. This network uses a screen grabbing technology for marketing promotions. Companies that have been interested in advertising with this network include those in the education and business sectors of the economy. Other interested users have includes those in sports, design, health, and technology. The images create a visual identity for the business, and this visual identity assists in promoting traffic to the business website.


Each of these online boards of communication use a screen grabbing technique in order to brand a company or business service. The company is recognized easily, and the Internet customer already has familiarity with the goods and services of the company. Repeat customers and repeat sales are possible with this type of advanced marketing for a company. The website and its business can display the achievements of the group through this online recording. This software application can be a platform for the business and the types of products that are available. New products can be added to the showcase portfolios as they are researched and developed. The Internet shopper can easily analyze each company, and there can be a comparison feature with other similar companies. An online entrepreneur should be aware of the different limitations that are a part of an Internet advertising campaign and include due diligence in any marketing plan.

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