St Lucia – A Businessman’s Dream Holiday


The economy is at a low point, but this has not stopped a lot of people going on holiday, with good reason too as a holiday is needed to relax after having a specifically hard time in the office with deadlines to meet. Times have been getting harder and we need to be more committed to work, but what if you could achieve this commitment of being connected to work whilst lazing on the beach? Then you’d be crazy not to!

St Lucia has to be the place if you find yourself having to work for a certain amount of time even on your days off, as St Lucia, despite still being heavily reliant on the tourism industry is making huge inroads at becoming the technological hub of the Caribbean, already having a higher internet penetration than some of the superpowers, it is well documented how much work they are putting in to create an infrastructure to rival the likes of South Korea, Taiwan and the UK.

This is having a profound impact on the country in the way that they are conducting business, no longer relying on the tourism industry and sugarcane industry that once ruled the countries wealth creation strategies.

The most important point of this is to not get left behind in the increasingly developed technology markets, but what they are doing is also creating a niche for needs that might not have been once considered by the visitors or holiday planner. Holidays for a businessman can be a stressful time in these harsh economic times but when you have the entire infrastructure available to keep in contact with colleagues clients and general business happenings then you can keep your head in the game whilst relaxing your body in the warm heat and sunshine on a beautiful Caribbean beach.

Business people love to go on holidays where all the mod cons are available and internet has become an increasingly important aspect of every day living and business.

So if you are after being able to connect to the internet whilst being on holiday, whether it is for the benefit of your company or whether you just like to check your social media profiles, the connection speed and amount of places with free wifi in St Lucia is astonishing.

From the café’s, restaurants and even beach bars, it is harder to find a place without wifi. So next time you worry about not being able to check emails whilst you are on holiday, why not consider going to St Lucia, the tech hub in the sun.

Andy is a travel advisor for Kenwood Travel and tech enthusiast which is why he loves St Lucia. Got any questions? Comment below or ask on twitter @andym23.

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