Sony Ericsson Launches LiveView Accessory


Recently, in a Developers Conference in London, Sony Ericsson has launched LiveView. This innovative and newly designed accessory is another step by the cellphone giant Sony Ericsson to help users to get an ultimate mobile experience via an Open Android Platform. Sony Ericsson Extras Portfolio is a platform which offers innovative mobile knowledge and improved on-the-go possibilities.

This new innovative accessory, Sony Ericsson LiveView, employs Bluetooth Technology to wirelessly connect with a compatible handset and after the phone is paired, it permits the users to handle their phone with no need of taking it out of their pockets or their bags.

Sony Ericsson LiveView enables the users to see incoming calls, read text messages and to keep their Facebook and Twitter status updated without the hassle of taking their phones out for doing the above mentioned tasks.

The new Sony Ericsson LiveView accessory also allows the users to control the music features of the handset by viewing the detail of the music on micro-display of the accessory. The users can control the volume and select tracks which are stored on their handsets by manipulating the controls.

Whether the user is on-the-go or in a meeting, the new Sony Ericsson LiveView Accessory can be attached wherever the user wants, can be clipped as a wrist watch or even connected to a laptop. The Micro Display of Sony Ericsson Live View keeps the user in touch with handset but in a more mobile way.

It’s an open platform accessory, means the users can add a multitude of applications into this micro Display device. Sony Ericsson has announced that this trendy gadget will be available for the customers in the fourth quarter of this year.

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