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Seven Biggest Mistakes People Do On Facebook


Seven Biggest Mistakes People Do On Facebook

It’s nice to communicate with your friends and relatives on Facebook each day, so you’ll know what they feel and do today. However, some people just can’t restrain themselves, in front of more than 500 million users. It is often very easy to forget that millions of people can potentially see what you’re doing, especially if you fail to tighten your privacy settings up.

These are seven biggest mistakes you can do on Facebook.

Announcing a house party

Facebook is definitely a good way to organize meet-ups with some close friends, but telling everyone that you’ll have a house party is inadvisable, as some strangers may sneak in and make off with your family’s silver.

Telling everyone that you’re having a vacation

You may think that it’s time for a little sunshine, but never tell everyone that tomorrow you’re going to Southern France or Florida for a week. It’s simply an announcement that your house is open for any burglar in the area. In addition, never post your home address on your personal details.

Continuously posting your Farmville Success

Many online farmers definitely need a reality check. For them, finding a golden egg in the virtual cowshed could be the best thing that could happen in any day. But unfortunately, people don’t care. Things have gotten so annoying that a browser plugin was created specifically to block Farmville updates from appearing in the Facebook feeds. Also turn off the auto-update feature in Farmville to avoid annoying your friends.

Saying something awful about your job or employer

Don’t make Facebook as a vehicle for you daily ranting, especially if it is directed to your daily occupation. If you still feel the need to express your feeling, try to ratchet the privacy settings right up to the max. There are many stories about how employees were sacked after making unfavorable comments about their job, employer and workplace. If you see a co-worker start complaining about his working condition, don’t join in and it would be better to remind him about his mistake using the private message.

Gathering 3000+ friends

Some people think that Facebook friends are comparable to Twitter followers. In average, a Facebook user only communicates effectively with less than 50 friends in any given time. If you have more than 1000 friends in Facebook, it is likely that many of them are people you barely know or even complete strangers. They are definitely a significant security risk.

Making thoughtless practical jokes

Conspiring with your friends to make a practical joke may look like fun, but not everyone will consider it as something funny. For example, there was a case when a group of employees was suspended when they posted pictures about them lying and playing dead inside the office.

Having a love affair

Many divorce cases were triggered by love affairs in Facebook and divorce lawyers would love to pore over evidences such as incriminating photos and indiscreet status.

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