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Many startup companies have never used heard of SEO. While most people understand the importance of a company website, it may not be enough. If the website isn’t ranked within a search engine, perspective customers will not be able to find the business.

Creating an SEO Campaign

Business can hire an SEO company to help get their site ranked. Some startups do not have enough resources to pay for an outside company and cannot afford other advertising and marketing strategies. There are right and wrong ways of doing SEO. The biggest misconception is that websites need to get as many backlinks as possible. Google constantly changes their algorithm to deter spam links. Tons of backlinks, paid backlinks, and spam will get a website black listed by Google.

Domain Authority

Google prefers websites that have a higher domain authority. Websites with high domains have lots of links and lots of old links. It is obvious to see that a new website will have a low domain authority. New websites need to slowly build backlinks to their sites. Grabbing hundreds of backlinks in one day will look extremely like spam to Google. Google likes backlinks to look organic. Therefore, backlinks need to be slowly added over the course of time.

Getting Backlinks

There are several ways to add backlinks. Social media is great to keep perspective customers updated and it also creates backlinks and traffic back to the website. Yellow page websites such as Yelp and Google Places will inform people about a particular business and give customers a chance to review the business.

Getting the Right Keywords

Businesses need to be careful when hiring a company to do their SEO for them. Businesses can get lost in thinking that they want page rank and not take notice in the keyword they are ranking for. A poor SEO company may choose a bogus keyword that sounds good. These keywords have little to no competition because no one is searching for these keywords. Even though a company may rank high for these keywords, they will not increase traffic to their website at all.

Lasting Benefits of SEO

Every startup company will benefit from SEO as long as it is done the right way. Shortcuts will not get a website. It takes time and patients but in the end it will all be worth it. A website on the first page of Google will get almost twice the traffic as a business on the second page.

OXY Creative is a Houston SEO and web design company with the knowledge and experience to help build high ranking websites. We analyze relevant keywords that will get websites the traffic they need to succeed in their market.

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