Safety Rules When Using A Surface Grinder


Using surface grinders can be extremely dangerous and can intimidate a lot of people; this is why it is completely necessary to undertake a full training course before using a surface grinder to ensure that you use it safely and carefully. There is now a large variety of surface grinders available for people to use out there, with the newer surface grinders becoming increasingly safer to use. However all the same safety training and procedures will still apply to however new the surface grinder has been designed. If you have used surface grinders in the past, you will still have to undergo training as surface grinders can differ in various businesses. Undergoing the relevant training will prevent any accidents and injuries happening.


Training is relevant to ensure that you always use the surface grinder safely without any issues. Even if you have been trained in the past to use a different type of grinding tool, you will still have to complete the necessary training before using a surface grinder. During your training you should be instructed on the process of how to use a surface grinder. By understanding the full process it is likely that you will not face any problems. You should also be trained to understand what to use a surface grinder for. It can be confusing as there is a large variety of different grinders available to use so you should know exactly what a surface grinder is for. If you use a surface grinder incorrectly, this can results in injury. It is extremely important that you know exactly how to use the grinder and know exactly where the emergency stop button is located on the machinery and when to use it. The emergency stop button can prevent any accidents and injuries happening.

If you still feel intimidated by a surface grinder when you have completed your training, you should inform your manager that you are not comfortable using the machinery. They will then provide you with further training until you are happy using it.

Protective Clothing

When using a surface grinder it is absolutely necessary that you always use the correct protective clothing. Protective clothing can make a huge difference when using a surface grinder and can prevent any serious injuries happening. You should always wear a hard hat and goggles when controlling the surface grinder or when around the machinery, it is likely that there may be some flying debris coming from the surface grinder, so wearing a hard hat and goggles will protect your face and head. You should also wear protective overall and protective gloves which will prevent your hands from slipping.

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