Review of Cyberpower Gamer Extreme 2000


Cyberpower Gamer Extreme 2000Though this PC is priced quite well it actually offers a good performance.

The main specifications of this PC are as follows;

There is a processor with a speed of 2.66 GHz Intel Core (i5 750) and 1 terabyte hard drive storage capacity combined with the 4GB memory provides a good experience. There is an optical drive of 22X DVD and RW. This system pack does not include a monitor. The graphics information is EVGA GeForce of 896 GB and lastly the OS is Windows Vista Home Premium.

This amazing PC is a good game system and it is prices averagely at $1099. This system has gone through several tests and on the Mark Vantage test it scored 7435 and 8037. The 3D features are also since the graphics performance is at high level.

When checking the internals the cables are neatly fitted and they are put out of the way which enables an easy access to the interior for further upgrading of the content.

Besides its great gaming features this system also offers a good experience of video and audio editing.

Though this PC contains great features for the price it is not actually so much surprising apart from its gaming and the fast and high performing video and audio rendering features.

Since there is only 1 terabyte and 1 DVD burner present, there is enough room for some more drives to be added and this could simply make your system so much better than it already is.  Though many may not be convinced to purchase this system, its features can simply be expanded and by adding some new muscles it could actually be improved to meet the expectations.

There are 6 USB ports and 1 FireWire port which is great for connecting video equipment that are digital and there are also 2 extra USB ports at the front which would be meeting expectations of many users.

For those who have been waiting for an average priced, nicely featured gaming PC to arrive at the market then Cyperpower Gamer Extreme 2000 would be ideal for you unless you are after for an extreme power gaming system.

Pros: This system is amazingly fast for those who are going to use it for gaming and high productivity and performance for its reasonable price. Provides a high speed video rendering and the motherboard and the chassis can be expanded.

Cons: This system does not come with built in WiFi.

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