Ready for a New Smartphone? Here are Some of the Best for 2012


2012 has brought us some pretty fantastic phones. While quite a few of them were absolutely terrible, there were plenty that stood out among the rest.

Since tons of people probably have contracts that are expiring soon, they’ll want to know which phones they should be looking at.

Here are some of the best phones out so far:

  1. Samsung Galaxy Nexus

    This phone is getting kind of old at this point, but it’s still one of the best phones out there. To top it all off, Google recently started selling it directly for only $399. $399 sounds like a lot for a phone, but for an unlocked phone as powerful as the Galaxy Nexus, that’s a steal.

    The best part about buying it unlocked is that you can take it over to a pre-paid network and reap the benefits of having a cheap plan. T-Mobile’s $30 a month plan with unlimited 4G is what most people will turn to, but there are plenty of other GSM network providers to choose from.

    If you’re not a fan of saving money, you can still get the Galaxy Nexus with Verizon or Sprint at a pretty good price.

  2. HTC One X

    This is one of the newest phones on the market today and was the first phone to be released with a quad-core processor. If you’re a fan of unlocked phones, it will cost you about $600, which may be a bit steep for some.

    What you get here is top of the line specs, a great set of features like Beats Audio (which may or may not be just a selling tactic), and the raved about HTC Sense 4.0 and Ice Cream Sandwich. With a contract, it’s still a great deal. Definitely one to look at.

  3. Samsung Galaxy S3

    The S3 is the newest of the Android bunch, and wouldn’t you know that it may very well be the best phone to come out this year?

    Its massive screen, powerful processor (quad-core for the international version, dual-core for the US due to LTE radio size), and sleek appearance give it the edge in the phone world.

    The Galaxy S2 was a huge hit, and now that the S3 has finally been released, the Android world will never be the same.

  4. Droid RAZR Maxx

    The Droid RAZR from a year or so back was a great phone, but it still struggled with poor battery life just like every other Android phone on the market.

    What changed? The Maxx was sporting a gigantic 3,300 mAh battery straight from the factory, which is almost twice the size of the original RAZR’s battery. With heavy use, you would still be looking at about 30 percent battery life by the time you went to bed.

    Even though it’s a bit old at this point like the Galaxy Nexus, there are little to no others out there with the great battery life of the Maxx.

  5. iPhone 4S

    Thought I was going to leave this one off, didn’t you?

    Yes, the iPhone 4S, even with Apple’s funny way of taking its old devices, throwing a couple of new features in them, and then charging full price again, is still a quality device.

    Even though its 3.5-inch screen is a bit small at this stage of the smartphone game, millions of people would argue otherwise. Its dual-core processor and aesthetics go without saying, and it is still one of the easiest and simple phones to use.

So there you have it, five of the best smartphones out there right now. Go nuts!

About the author: Joe Petchonka has a fascination with technology, which drives him to write for Garden City Nissan dealers and technology blogs alike.

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  1. I wish to get the s3, but a bit confused about it. I am a huge fan and user of htc- may be I should wait some more time to get the new htc in ebay for a good deal. :).

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