Not All Internet Businesses Should Start a Blog


Internet businesses are the way forward as more and more people are shopping online now. The benefits of marketing your business on the internet are huge. In an instant your business will be seen by people all over the world, something that would never happen if you relied on paper advertising.

But a lot of new internet businesses think they should immediately set up a blog to increase their customers; however they might be making the biggest mistake of their life. The blog could in fact put customers off from visiting your site or even purchasing from you.

5 Reasons Why Not all Businesses Should Start a Blog

1. Anyone can write a blog and with so many social networking sites more and more people are writing them. The majority of those who write blogs are amateurs who like to tell the world what they have been doing. New businesses in particular want to come over as ultra-professional and by starting a blog unless you have something really worthwhile to say you could well detract from that professional image.

2. Maintaining a blog is time-consuming, it is not just a question of sitting down and writing the first thing that comes into your head. lf you run the business on your own you will have your hands full dealing with all the paperwork concerned with running a successful business without having to devote 4-5 hours a day writing a blog.

3. Finding interesting things to write about is essential and that is not always easy unless you have a very unusual business or donate a percentage of proceeds to charity. Once your customers start getting bored with your blog they will lose interest in your company. There is a real danger you will lose money and customers if you write a bad blog.

4. You have to remember what you have written about in previous blogs. You may have forgotten that your latest blog contains information and news you wrote about a few months ago. There is always someone out there who will remember and will be quick to point it out.

5. To run a successful business you need to use the element of surprise, new lines; bargain sales, special offers and these are best revealed on your website. Customers click on to business sites to find special offers and everyone loves a bargain. They do not look for them in blogs, which basically contain news and diary items.

If you really want to set up a blog linked to your business then do your research well. Look at other business blogs and see the sort of things they write about. Do they publish it weekly or daily?

The most successful business blogs are those which are partnered with a charity or are “green” businesses. They are able to report how much money they have raised for the charity and where the money has gone and this will be of interest to your customers. A “green” blog will also be of interest to those who support the environment and if you use recycled packaging or actively work to save the planet then you will have a successful blog.

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