New Instagram App Updates, New Camera, Filter for Android and iOS


After Facebook acquisition of Instagram, it’s been considered that this popular app will lose its credibility in the market, but what happened; the app is getting more and more success through updating its features and making crazy to its fans that are crazy about taking shots. This sequence does not end here and the social media giants like Twitter wants to introduce Instagram’s new version with its updates to their followers so that they can maintain the consistency in providing the most upgraded features through their network so that users can do more fun. Now Instagram is developed for various OS such as Android,iOS.

You can now have latest Instagram iPhone updates on your iPhone. The popular photo sharing app has now developed camera and introduced new enhanced filter feature for Apple iOS. This new app feature is only supportive for iPhone 5 and android. Camera roll now incorporated with the app. One of the core advantage associated with app that it has been processed though software performance testing phase and you will not find any app performance issues. Other features of app can be seen below:

  • User can have now quick access to their last photograph.
  • The optional grid guide offers you to crop and scale the images.
  • Latest new feed helps you to redesign the larger images and makes it according to your choice.
  • This new latest iPhone app with its newly developed camera and quick icons makes your images more vibrant and lively.

Now you can edit your images because Instagram has introduced the filter with its monochrome that is very inspiring with its sparkling edges, that is also available for Android users.

The latest update now makes your images clearer and more inspirational because there is least chance that the taken image gets blurred, thanks to the revised algorithm. Now experience the vitality in your captured image with the latest Instagram version for iOS and Android users. Now enjoy the4 sharing and uploading of images with Instagram v3.2 for iPhone.

So now we can say Instagram is doing much effort to maintain its popularity, by introducing latest updates for photography enthusiasts.  For image lovers Instagram has introduced a new filter Willow so that they can do more enjoy by editing the images and giving them an inspirational touch by using their artistic sense. This latest version of Instagram that is available for iOS, and Android is free to download, because it’s all about fun.  Just download it from iStore or Play store.

Enjoy the intensity of your passion, grab new ideas and share with you friends and the world whatever you want to show the world with Instagram latest version for Android and iPhone 5. Do not forget to share your personal experience with new Instagram updates with us and if you are a mobile application development company and facing problems to rank your developed high in iStore, I will personally recommend to higher services from mobile application testing company for better results.

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