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Making Social Media Marketing Feasible With Content Suggestion Tools


Social Media Marketing is one of the best source of marketers to reach relevant and potential audience. Marketers good at social media marketing are doing well but some are still struggling to find out the engaging and enough content for their social media pages.

Some are making the most of Digital Marketing Training in India to have the knack for social media marketing. Let’s see how successful marketers have found the way to make social media marketing feasible with content suggestion tools.


Flipboard is perfect for content creators who keep haunting for fresh and researched content. It is basically a content aggregation tool which aggregates content from various sources and also from social media. Moreover it presents the aggregated content in easy to use magazine format which is quite pleasing. Flipboard also presents content in more than twenty localized languages. The tool is able to aggregate texts, images, videos, and podcastsetc. Flipboard also lets the user share discovered content on social media as well as lets them follow other people getting them access to their curated content on Flipboard.
Making Social Media Marketing Feasible With Content Suggestion Tools


Initially Feedly gained popularity as an alternative to Google Reader which is actually a free RSS Reader. It helps user to track other people and businesses of the same industry and follow the relevant blogs and bloggers. User can organize its RSS feeds and also share the discovered content over Twitter and Facebook. It is user-friendly with minimalist design and interface. To register with Feedly, user need to have an Gmail account, but once registered he or she can login using Google, Twitter, Facebook, Evernote, or Windows authentication.
Making Social Media Marketing Feasible With Content Suggestion Tools


Pocket is a kind of book-marking tool which helps the user save all kind of content including articles, videos and images to use later. It has powerful browser extension which lets the user save the useful webpage having article, video or image with just one click. Once it is installed, Pocket icon is saved on the task bar and as soon as user comes across any content he just need to click on the icon.

Users can also organize the content using tags, whenever they save any content they should tag it. It is highly helpful for content marketers and social media managers who come across useful content anytime while surfing internet and save it to read or see later.
Making Social Media Marketing Feasible With Content Suggestion Tools


DrumUp is a 360 degree tool for social media marketers as it helps them to discover, curate and schedule the content on social media platforms. The tool is equipped with machine learning and Natural Language Processing algorithms to help marketers to have access to fresh and relevant content.

It also lets the user connect N number of accounts to a single dashboard and set different keywords for each one which helps to avoid cross-posting of the content. User can also connect its blog post with DrumUp to ensure that the blog post is posted on social media as soon as it is published.
Making Social Media Marketing Feasible With Content Suggestion Tools

Scoop.It helps the user to discover and share content on social media on the basis of a keyword search.User can search the contents based on keywords and to create his own content bucket. To add more content after scooping one can use the suggested content tab.

For social media managers it offers both sharing and scheduling options for contents. However, scheduling is available for paid accounts only. Even with a free account, user can have access to multiple social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ etc.
Making Social Media Marketing Feasible With Content Suggestion Tools

The aforesaid tools fulfill the needs of social media marketers in different way but the objective of all of them is same. All of them helps user to discover, curate and post content on social media platforms.

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