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The Google ban your website only when you opt black hat techniques for ranking higher in search results. These black hat techniques may involve spamming, copying content from other websites, linking to bad sites. Besides this there are many other reasons which can make your website banned. bannedGoogle supports only those websites which use genuine SEO services and ban the websites which make use of Black hat techniques for raising ranking.

A website is said to be banned if it doesn’t have a page rank on it or if you don’t see any of the pages when you enter of (where your site is the name of the site) in Google. If the Google don’t index any pages, then it also means that Google has banned your site. Here are some of the steps which you need to follow in order to get your website unbanned on Google:

  1. Send Reconsideration request to Google for getting unbanned: If you see that your site is banned then send a reconsideration request to Google.
  2. Be Polite: While sending the request, to Google, you must send a request in a polite way as you are talking to a real person who is one of the employees or the representative of Google. This request will actually be read by them and you must mention as much details as possible.
  3. Give details of your domain: Tell them the background of your website and also tell them about the rules which you have broken and give them the proof, if there is ant spam click in your account. Put down each and everything, which you think that someone should know about you. Explain in detail each and everything to Google representative by researching what exactly is going on with your site.
  4. Mention the solution to the problem: While sending the reconsideration request mention the solution to the problem. Explain it in detail and give them the actual URL to prove it. Try to give as much data and information as you can, with which they can easily understand and will solve that issue.
  5. Be patient: It takes time or several weeks to get back to you with the answer to your query. You must be patient and wait for their reply as they have lot of things to handle and there are many other issues which they have to handle.
  6. Send follow up mail for Google reconsideration: You must send follow up mails to Google and ask them when the issue will get solved. But be aware that you should not send the mail everyday; it should be send periodically unless you get the reply for the issue.

Though, it is a lengthy and a complicated process but with proper information and preparation, you can make your website unbanned and reach on good graces.

Author Bio:  I am Tom Brown. I am working in “SEO RANK SMART” Since last more then 4 years as a Seo. SEO RANK SMART is the best SEO Company provides best to SEO Services its clients.

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