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LinkedIn 101 For Lawyers


If your law firm has been basing it’s social media plan mostly on Facebook and Twitter, then you’re missing out on some prime social media realty that could get your law firm noticed, attract new clients, and recruit new employees. LinkedIn is by far the social media platform of choice for professionals, and lawyers should be no exception. It is a simple and straightforward website to use that can yield great results for your law firm.

To get started on LinkedIn, there are just five small steps to take. Once you’re up and running on LinkedIn, you can keep posting and growing your following, giving your law firm the recognition it deserves. Check out the steps below to see how to get your law firm started on LinkedIn.

Complete Your Profile
Before you start building up your company on LinkedIn, you need to make sure your profile is near perfect. Once people start looking into a company, they will undoubtedly begin to check out its employees. If your company page looks great but yours doesn’t, it could deter users from becoming a fan. Optimize your profile so all of your information is accurate. This includes your contact information, your education, your experience, and any skills that might be relevant. Start networking with other people on LinkedIn so you can begin to grow your reach. Also, make sure you have a great picture on your profile that speaks to your professionalism. Once your profile is in the bag, turn to your law firm’s employees to make sure their LinkedIn profiles are in ship-shape, as well. Once everyone’s profile is updated, you can now focus on creating a great LinkedIn business page.

Complete Your Business Page
Having your law firm on LinkedIn can be a great way to market your services and employees. Make sure your business page is optimized with full-resolution logos and photos, accurate contact information, and updated lists of services. People who view your company profile will be looking for descriptions of what your company does and why they should follow you on LinkedIn. Don’t make any grammar mistakes or misrepresent your law firm that can deter people away from your business page. Also, have your employees link to the company business page so your firm’s reach grows even further. Finally, make sure you keep your profile updated so you can deliver the best information to your clients.

Join Groups
A great way to get noticed on LinkedIn is to join various groups that are relevant your firm. There are hundreds of law-related groups that can bring your firm to the attention of potential clients and other businesses. Look for groups that directly correlate to the type of law your firm specializes in. Also, once you join a group, be sure to participate on a regular basis. Answering other people’s questions or posting interesting discussions can lead to more traffic back to your company’s LinkedIn profile. You should also consider creating a few groups and administering them on behalf of your law firm. Other lawyers and clients will be joining this group and will be more likely to focus on your law firm’s participation.

Post Updates
You can create a great looking LinkedIn profile, but it will be difficult to attract new people if you’re not posting anything interesting for them to see. Post articles from industry websites, trending topics, and even links to your firm’s blog posts. Make your posts intriguing by focusing on issues relevant to your firm and to the kinds of clients you are trying to bring in. Ask questions and start discussions on your posts so more people will interact with your company’s profile page. The more interesting your posts are, the more likely other users will share them with their contacts. Posting regular updates is a great way to reel in more business.

Cross Promote
Once you involve your law firm on LinkedIn, don’t abandon all other social media platforms. In fact, cross promoting through various websites can be beneficial to your following. Tell your Facebook fans to check out your LinkedIn page for regular updates and job postings. Have a link in your email signature that directs your contacts back to LinkedIn. Publicize your firm’s LinkedIn profile as much as you can and you’ll start to develop a great network.

Every law firm should have a social media strategy, and LinkedIn should always be included. As the professional social media platform, LinkedIn is great for attracting new clients, networking with other businesses, and recruiting for new employees. As long as you maintain your company’s LinkedIn page, you can be well on your way to boosting your firm’s recognition and becoming a leader in your industry.

Pete Wise is the SEO Manager for Network Affiliates; which has been an ad agency for lawyers and doctors since the dawn of the internet. We were the first full-service legal marketing agency in the space; with a full production studio, full digital agency, and media buyers and planners under one roof. Check us out on Twitter: @Netaff

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