Jumi Mouse can control your PC (from Anywhere)


Jumi Mouse can control your PC from anywhere

JumiMouse Plus is a device that offers your maximum and full control of your PC. When using windows, with JumiMouse Plus you practically take total charge of the entire program. All these activities can be worked out at the same time. Every user would definitely feel much more comfortable being in total control of their work at all times.

When you are trying to control certain functions on your computer such as scrolling or media play back, then you will realize that JumiMouse operates perfectly as a touch-mouse remote. If you are considering using JumiMouse + remote desktop control, how would you get started? The first step would be to download the iPhone app, this you have to pay for as it is not free. But, if you have limited resource then simply go to the JumiTech web site and download it for free. On the right hand side of the screen you will identify a scrolling bar which can be used to move down the pages efficiently.

When keying in data you will find two keyboards available namely; the standard iPhone keyboard and the Windows-centric that occupies the whole screen. These commands are good and of great help, though it is an inconvenience having to keep tossing from one screen to the other. This actually makes the user feel tired or bored in the process. A big majority of people prefer simple and straight forward applications which enable them acquire the same result in the end as the more complex and complicated ones.

You can have a situation whereby the JumiMouse differentiates itself and works independently as a remote desktop client. This feature is modestly fine though on the other hand it is just too cumbersome to take charge of. The complexity is brought about by the separation aspect. It would be really good if they were working together hand in hand.

The iPad has an extra monitor which makes it a good solution for taking charge of more advanced uses from the iPad, when one is not near the computer. From a different perspective you will discover that this is moving towards becoming the strongest feature of the iPad. If this comes to pass then it may just be the selling point.

In case you want to first test JumiMouse, you can download a free version. The free version is easily and readily available from the App store near you. Note that, this version does not come along with the keyboard feature. The free version will help you get a greater understanding of the device. That way, when you go ahead and make a purchase, you will definitely be much more informed.

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