iPad 3: All the Things We Think We are Aware Of


It is again the season when everyone is thinking that a new device from Apple is coming out again. This means that there are so many rumors around regarding a new iPad 3. Here is a rundown of the things that have been said from far and wide.

Keep in mind to just take everything with a grain of salt. The iPad may just be a little over two years old but it has been revered so much so that any changes to it may not be accepted as much. However, this does not mean we should close our doors to the changes nonetheless.


The iPad 3may look similar to the past models however it is said to have double the resolution: 2048 x 1536. This is a great improvement and will truly be an upgrade in the display.


While rumors say that the iPad 3 will have a new A6 chip, it may be clear now that the iPad 3 will have an A5X update instead. The iPad 3 is also said to have 1GB of RAM as well.


iLounge has given some information that the iPad 3 will have an HD front facing camera that will be of great use when using HD Facetime. This is a great improvement due to this feature being present in other phones and tablets as well.


According to iMore, the iPad 3 will definitely have an LTE. This is probably because the iPad has a bigger battery that can handle the quick drain from the 4G, compared to an iPhone.


While iOS6 may still be far from its launch, iPad 3’s software is the first non-iPhone product to have Siri. There have been some speculations that the iOS 5.1 beta may include Siri Dictation in the iPad.


Apple officially announced iPad 3 on March 7th and it will go on sale soon after this. Stores in the United States will have it first, along with other major countries in Europe and Asia. Other countries will follow.


MIC Gadget has gathered all the bits and pieces from the rumors around regarding the components of the iPad 3. They have assembled a to-scale shell of the device and if this is true, the the iPad 2’s cover will be a bit thinner compared to the new iPad 3.


According to CNET and Venture Beat, the name of Apple’s new tablet is iPad HD.

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