Impact Of Voice Related Search In Future


The environment for business promotion is changing at a rapid speed. Business owners and their Internet marketers should adopt the latest techniques in order to sustain in the rapidly evolving marketing world.

The days when users would type search words in the search box are coming to an end. In the present day, voice search has become an inevitable tool. It helps users to get quick results to their queries. Voice search comes with the facility to boost up your business promotions. In this article, we are going to discuss how voice search can make a difference in the visibility of a business.

Impact Of Voice Related Search In Future

Before that let us go through the latest development.

Recently, Google organized its annual developer conference where it discussed about latest innovations in search methods. Some of the topics discussed were voice recognition, natural language processing, translation and others.

Google Home – One of the newest products in the Google bandwagon is Google Home. It is a speaker-type device which is activated by voice. It is an intelligent product, which listens to what the user says, answers to queries, set appointments and plays music.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai has stated that around half of the queries on search engines come from mobile devices. One-fifth of these queries are made through voice search.

Previously, content was created to match with keywords. It helped the search engines to understand and provide the content in answer to the accurate terms. But now, content is not only simple, but also conversational. It helps users to understand results in a much better way.

Business owners can in the future use voice search to assess past behavior, style and location of users.

How to Leverage Voice Search?

  • SEO experts should try to comprehend the audiences’ speech. They assemble the phrases that the customers use to illustrate and express their problems. The online Internet marketing team and sales manager can note down the commonly used phrases, voice and the tone of the clients’ voices. This can give them an insight into the intensity of the problems and also the age-group of the clients.

  • When internet marketers speak to clients over the phone they make simple queries that help them to understand what the client wants. This information assists SEO experts to offer the best solutions to their clients.

Connecting people with Things and Places

The frequency of using voice search is increasing very rapidly. Analysts believe that the queries will no longer be limited by specific words or keywords. Users can utter entire sentences to make searches, thus closing the communication gap. For instance, the query may be something like this,

  • Restaurants near me

  • Order a subway with ham and Worcestershire sauce

In the event that you are trying to promote your business among a wide client base, you should understand their choices and preferences besides asses the speaking style of clients. In future, SEO experts can make use of tools and techniques to get a better understanding of the aforementioned aspects. Just like the Google Trends, a tool may come up for voice search.

With the increase in the use of voice search, more and more businesses should embrace voice search as an important method to reach out to clients. Those businesses that pay importance to client conversations will sustain in the course of time. Voice search will also be able to offer ample assistance to marketers. This can be possible, if marketers can successfully connect their websites with their online presence. They should also offer detailed information to search engines with the help of structured data.

If you want to see your business in the top position of search engine result pages, you should make sure that your SEO experts make full use of the changing face of optimization techniques.

Author Bio – John Hayden is an analyst with a dental SEO company. He manages a team of experienced professionals who do SEO for dentists.

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