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Ideas for New Web Applications


I bet each one of you has in the mind a web application that you might think it will sell. Even if it has done before or is completely original, each web app has some what of a challenge and chance to succeed. Let me present you some ideas today what might sell or at least get a huge attention. I will also include the latest trends in web apps that attract the attention of possible users, and even more important, investors!

Online entrepreneurs and investors always look for new web applications that have the potential to explode in popularity and fatten their pockets, via advertisements, subscriptions, or simple donations.

If your web application is one of quality, and a lot of people like it, you might even not need to put subscribing and advertisement (through hey can triple or quantiple the revenue in a popular web application). Get your coffee, your cigarette, sit back and enjoy some new ideas. Expand your mind 😀

1 – Freelancing Websites

This is one of the ideas that have already been done but still very profitable. You can even get ahead of competitors by only getting a 5 percent fee (most freelancing websites have a fee of 10 percent right away) , and you will be in a clear advantage over others because you are offering a lower fee for project or hour. Most of the freelancing websites have the following features:

  • Ability to send messages between clients and freelancers (Inbox, Outbox, new notifications)
  • Event handling (New project warning, new message received, client invited you to project X and other kinds of events)
  • Bidding (This can easily become a real fight haha)
  • Ability to put your portfolio, your skills, and your other information in the profiles
  • Search for clients and freelancers by name, project name, job posting, rating, etc
  • Ability to share what you did on social media, (Freelancer.com has a cool one where you can put what you did in a facebook posting, bragging about how hard of a worker you are)

But let’s add some more into this. I have seen some features lack such as:

  • A list of reviews (for example 5) of the client or freelancer, giving you a fast idea if he should be hired/worked for
  • a General Chat (like in weebly) to be able for clients to meet new freelancers, and new freelancers to meet clients.

The general chat idea might be bad because the work can be done outside of the freelancing website premises (but this could be easily prevented by having moderators keep a half open eye on what is being said / discussed)

Overall, the idea is very profitable, and i am thinking of creating one myself. Let’s see if it succeeds! 🙂

2 – Word Clouds

This is a fun one that i decided making it (won’t share the link because of article posting rules). You permit the users to post some words, and the visitors can vote them based on their liking or disliking for that special word. You can put a comment section (See Facebook API for comment spaces, very easy to implement plus attracts lots of good kind of marketing from Facebook), and have your users argue, vote / downvote, and start flame wars (these are good because brings even more attention LOL).

You could have the following features:

  • Word Posting with voting, commenting, and sharing options (the best ones are the social media sharing buttons, people can share their opinions without having to write them, in a shiny box)
  • Image posting, forum, and Blogs
  • Sticky Words on Top for a Fee (profitable idea for sure!)

Many others.

3 – Selling Unused Domains and Hosting Spaces

There is ” God knows how much ” amount of unused, left around, and unwanted hosting space and domain supply that you can buy in bulk.  Say you have a website named buydomains.tk, you could have:

  • A list of domains and hosting spaces with the price the client wants (and you can get a fee on each sale) i.e “I am selling my 3 year paid in advance domain,
  • A list of wanters for specific domain names and hosting features i.e: “I would like to buy  a domain that starts with “shoes” and has 100 GB space on the hosting, does anyone have something like this in hold?”

This does not mean that every one wants to sell their unused domain and hosting, but i bet there will be a great of people who would wish to sey the domains and hosting spaces that they excitedly bought, but they could not turn it profitable / attractive to users so they want to give it to someone who can make use of it for a small fee. Very good idea and i expect it to sell a lot more than say, cheap pharmaceuticals and viagra :D. Imagine if you had advertisements + donations + fees from sold domains, if the idea hits real well, you could get rich overnight (not quite overnight, but in weeks overnight)

4 – Fun Little Online Games

Whenever i go to a website / domain sale market, most of the products i see are online gaming websites. Users spend hours and days on these kinds of website raising your PR# and most people are apt to accidentally click advertisements (i.e, when you click start game on a Flash game, and it’s actually an ad). Example i found in buydomains.com

“Treasure Chest Game website that gets a revenue of 2500$ / month. You can see the screenshot here:

[screenshot of google analytics, showing 600 visitors daily, with a click-and-leave rate at the whooping 9%]

I am selling this for 500$ because i want to get rid of the domain and hosting.”

My first reaction to this was “Is he an idiot? Why the hell is he selling such a good income revenue? I got the response directly from him:

“Because i want to start a more profitable website and i don’t have time to manage this one.”

So what are you going to do today? What are you waiting for? Go and get rich! There is no end of cool ideas you can apply online to get user attention.

See you soon!

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