HP 17-1181NR – Envy for All


HP 17-1181NR – Envy for All

HP 17-1181NR, the 17-Inch Envy Notebook PC is one of the widest screen notebook from HP Company comes with a unique Ultra thin LED screen for better viewing experience in High definition of 1080p. The notebook is equipped with i7-720 QM which is the fastest processor available in the market from Intel. The processor speeds from to 1.60 GHz to 2.80 GHz blended with turbo boost technology. The RAM is lifted up to 8 GB with hard disc capacity of 750 GB. The notebook is equipped with ATI Mobility Radeon of latest version to match high profile specification. The notebook comes with preloaded Windows 7 version and a bunch of other utility software. In spite of heavily loaded with various ports and HD display, the notebook is slim and minimal weight.

Main attraction of HP 17-1181NR, the 17-Inch Envy Notebook PC is its viewing resolution. Many users voted it as one of the best notebook having HD display. The 1080p display is a delight for gaming and entertainment coupled with high data storage options. Another unique product feature is backlit keyboard. This function provides an elegant look with a spacious spread out. Given that the screen is 17.3’’ in precise, the keyboard is wide enough to make you feel comfortable while working on it. The only drawback in this 17-Inch HP 17-1181NR Envy Notebook PC is its stand by run time on battery. Due to integration of many high powered applications like Lightroom, Backlit, Bluetooth connectors, etc. the notebook is the beast of power. Many users commented that the battery stands only for 2 hours on 6-cell Li ion batteries. Hence it is recommended to use 9-cell Li ion battery to enhance stand by period.

The notebook contains various connectivity ports for TV and LAN. This really helps in portability issue. The notebook comes with an added advantage of 3 USB ports and a Lighscribe DVD writing disc drive. The drive is capable of making Blu-Ray discs. Most common drawbacks with hp notebooks are the heat dissipation problems. The notebooks get easily heated up when running high memory apps. The company has considerably tried to resolve this problem in HP 17-1181NR by providing R9-NBC-8PCK-G cooler fans kit. This kit can be obtained from company or through online accessories vendors.

The notebook is all-in-all a masterpiece for gamers and entertainers. Due to its HD screen, the notebook takes the gaming experience to whole new level.

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