How To Use Offline Marketing To Grow Your Website Traffic


Though it is easy to focus solely on Internet marketing when you are trying to boost your website’s traffic, you should never forget the benefits of traditional print mediums. Promoting your website on your print media can be a great way to drive more traffic your website and can be a powerful conversion tool.

Below are four tips to show you how to use offline marketing to grow your website traffic:

Business Cards

These handy little cards have been a mainstay of the business world for decades for good reason. Including your website address on your card can give would-be customers a handy tool to find your website, and learn more about your product or services, without you needing to rely on a search engine ranking or ad to find you.

And merely because they are a traditional medium does not mean business cards can’t be adapted for the Internet or mobile age. For example, you can include a QR code on your business card which will allow customers with mobile phones to travel directly to your website or receive special deals and prices.


Print newsletters have also had a place in marketing for a long time, for good reason. Many customers, especially those in selective fields, like to receive the latest news on a given area and be kept up-to-date on the newest goods available. Newsletters can not only do that, garnering you goodwill from your clients, but you can create tie-ins with your website.

Not everyone wants to receive his or her information digitally. Providing content in a variety of different formats is important to reaching a wider net of customers. Also, there is nothing like “For more stories on this subject, please visit…” or “For our full line, visit our website at…” to help lure customers onto your company web page.

QR Codes

Though these have already been mentioned for use on business cards, these bar code-like symbols can be used almost anywhere. You can place these in your newsletters, advertising, in select locations inside and even outside your store, all to bring more smart phone users to your website.


Whether you promote your business on the radio, television, newspaper or through signs and leaflets, be sure to always include your website address in anything coming from your company. Not only does this create consistency in your advertising, but also it increases the chances that someone reading or listening to your ad will take the initiative to visit your site directly. This is especially true if you create additional promotions or deals to entice them there.

Offline marketing can play an important role in diversifying website traffic allowing you to reach more customers and not be so reliant upon Google. It also underscores the need to have an easy to remember, preferably branded URL for your marketing efforts.

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