How To Install Canon Ink Cartridges And What To Be Aware Of While Doing This


There are various different problems that can appear with printer and one question that is quite common at the moment is related t how to install Canon ink cartridges. The good news is that it is not at all difficult to do so. While there are some variations that appear from time to time because of small differences in models, the steps that are highlighted below will get you through the process with ease.

How To Install Canon Ink Cartridges And What To Be Aware Of While Doing This

Remove The Old Cartridge And Install The New One

This is obviously the first step. As the old ink cartridges are removed, they need to be quickly replaced with new ones. It is a very bad idea to leave your printer without cartridges installed, full or empty.

When you take out the replacement Canon ink from its packaging, it is very important that you do not touch the chip and the print head. This is because contamination is easy and various problems can appear afterwards. In many cases this touching leads to the printer not recognizing the new cartridge.

As a new Canon ink cartridge is installed, make sure that it is not exposed. That is because you would end up with printer ink drying. While the cartridge is capable of running a little more even if it runs out of displayed ink in the software you use, the quality will be low. Leaving the ink cartridges unprotected will make it easier to reach that point in time. Also, when head cleaning is done, printers need both black and white and color cartridges.

Opening Your Printer

Leave the power on, raise the scanning unit if it exists and get to the ink cartridges. There is always a support leg that is used and that needs to be removed. The cartridge should be easy to move to the regular replacement position if the safety is off. Turning off the printer is a good idea when you use a Canon printer that does not have a scanner.

Never touch carriers in the event that they move. Objects should not be rested on any part of the printer. When you drop something inside a printer it is very tough to take it out. Working parts have to be avoided while the power is switched on.

Removing Canon Ink Cartridges

Tabs are in place and secure ink cartridges. Go to the open position and unblock the cover. You can remove the Canon ink cartridge with ease now. Make sure that you place it on a tissue because ink residues might be present. Clothing and different surfaces can be damaged.

We recommend that you pay close attention to how you actually get rid of your Canon ink. Make sure that you take it to the local recycling centre. Alternatively, use a return policy when it is available.

Installing The New Canon Ink Cartridges

Take out the replacement and remove the small protective tape that you see on it. The cartridge should not be shaken as it is full and can spill. Fit the new cartridge inside the holder and then press down until there is a click heard and felt. Color ink cartridges are placed on left hand slots while black cartridges go to the right.

Close cartridge covers with suitable pressure as to hear it click into position. When ink cartridge covers are tilted, covers are not closed properly. Printers only work when color and black cartridges are properly installed. Close your printer and then turn it on. You will see that it will perform the head cleaning cycle as soon as you replaced the Canon cartridge. No other actions should be performed until printers completed the action.

Problems Can Appear

It is always possible to be faced with problems as you install Canon ink cartridges. Whenever you want to use compatible ink cartridges, it is possible that the printers will not read ink levels correctly. This is something that especially happens when there is a problem with the chip. When that happens, hold your stop button for five seconds. This will basically bypass ink level circuits and you can print.

Keep in mind that the quality of the Canon cartridge you buy counts a lot. It is a good idea to buy online since prices are better but you need to be 100% sure that the store offers high quality products. For instance, Canon ink and cartridges can be found on the Cartridgesale website, which is a great resource in the event that you ran out of Canon ink and you want to put your hands on it as soon as possible.

The last thing that we should say is that there are cases in which you will not be able to properly replace your Canon ink due to a lack of knowledge. If you find that you do not actually know what you do, take the printer to the repair shop. It is a lot better than having to fix it as you caused various problems.

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