How To Become A Computer Science Heavyweight


The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that computer science occupations will increase by 22 percent until at least 2020. Computer science graduates can expect to earn a high salary and have excellent career opportunities within almost every industry. Below explains four ways to become a computer science heavyweight.


Computer science is a broad field that includes different categories, such as software, hardware, scientific computing and computer theory. Each of these can be further broken down into sub-categories. For example, software includes programming, databases, networking and artificial intelligence. Carefully select a specialization that will become the focus of your academic and professional life. Be sure to keep up with current industry changes and projected trends. For added job security, be sure to have a backup specialization.

How To Become A Computer Science Heavyweight

The Right Skills

Computer science isn’t just related to digital and physical technology. For example, computer science experts will need strong verbal and written communication skills, as technical terms and theories must often be translated into easy-to-understand language. In addition to this, computer science experts must often collaborate with others, who may not understand or appreciate the complexity of technology. Therefore, being a good team player that works well with others is important. Finally, every computer science professional should be patient, creative and flexible.

Industry Standard Certification

Almost every computer science field has its own industry standard certification. Therefore, it is critical to obtain industry-standard certification in your field. For example, entry-level networking professionals typically obtain the CCT or CCENT certification from CISCO. One of the most popular hardware certifications is A+, offered through CompTIA. Even newer technology fields have certifications, such as Microsoft’s MCSE: Private Cloud for cloud computing and the Android Certified Application Developer for mobile app development.

Higher Education

While many computer gurus are self-taught, only those with higher education have access to the best jobs and project opportunities. Consider pursuing a degree in computer science in order to increase your knowledge, computer competency and career options. One advantage that computer science students tend to have over others is that their degree can be completed entirely online. Learn what a typical online computer science degree program consists of from the University of Florida.

In conclusion, computer graduates who want to become masters in their field should specialize, have the right skills and obtain industry standard certification and higher education. Learn more about IT and computer science degrees from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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