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How Camping Is Being Impacted By Social Media


In an age of technology there is no doubt that almost everything is heavily impacted by social media. It is a great way for authors to promote their books, for businesses to sell their products and for artists to advertise their work. Not least, it is a form of promoting regularly used in the camping industry. Here are a few different ways that the camping world is being impacted by social media.

A Variety of Opinions with Online Reviews
Social media makes it very easy for people to upload helpful reviews which will in turn allow others to get a variety of opinions. By using sites such as Facebook or Twitter, individuals can post reviews without any hassle at all, meaning campsites are competing harder than ever to please their customers. Those who have just been on a camping holiday may choose to write a review either recommending the site, or warning fellow campers against It.

Today’s smartphones also enable campers to access social media sites from virtually anyway, meaning they have the option to praise or show their dismay in real time. Blogs too, are currently of a great popularity and allow internet users to write longer reviews not just for their personal contacts but for anyone and everyone, meaning camping is impacted heavily by a few key strokes.

Discover the Truth in Posted Photos
It is said that images speaks a thousand words…in which case social media has an enormous impact. With the possibility to post photos on sites such as Google+, Facebook, Twitter and especially Pinterest, campers can take photos of their holiday and allow others to see exactly what the site offers.

This means campsites can no longer stay secret and must instead higher their standards. Dirty bathrooms or cramped grounds will not look good in a photo, and however convincing words may be a photo speaks the truth. The option to post photos with social media means that campsites are more exposed than ever and must make sure they are kept in good condition if they want campers to choose their grounds.

Promote with Personal Pages
Although social media may make it harder for campsites to an extent, it also acts as a great advantage. With Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, campsites can create their own personal pages. Those interested can consequently find out everything they need to know. The more information they have, the more likely they are to use the campsite.

When campsites want to update information or make the public aware of certain changes, they can do so using social media. Thankfully for campsites word spreads fast on the internet, meaning a few changes won’t cause much hassle. Using search engines, possible campers are able to easily find campsites’ personal pages in a matter of mere seconds, making it nice and easy for everyone.

Lots of Links to Advertise
It has become incredibly popular to post links on social media networks as a form of both promoting and warning. Using twitter, individuals can post links to campsites they recommend or advise against. Consequently links can either give campsites a great name or an appalling negative one. The possibility of adding links on social networks also simply enables others to become aware of sites they had perhaps never before heard of. Campsites therefore receive advertisement without having to lift a finger themselves. A good way for campsites to make a name for themselves and start being recognised, social media can heavily impact their appeal.

With so many different forms of social media available on the net, there is no question that it has a huge impact on camping businesses across the world. From writing online reviews to posting links, social media networks allow campers to pre-experience their chosen site. As a result campsites are having to up their game and higher their standards in hope of winning the unspoken social media battle.

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By Maria Hubbard.

Image Credits: Wikipedia and Wikipedia

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