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The rise in popularity of smart phones in recent years has prompted the creation of a number of apps designed to help users create call sheets, with one example being the doddleme call sheet app called doddlePro. Such tools provide their users with many benefits, some of which are listed below:

Automatic Updates

Such apps can often make call sheet organization easier by filling in open spaces using information pulled from the Internet. For example, the doddleme call sheet app can instantly update both emergency information and weather conditions included on a call sheet. Similarly, it can also pinpoint the exact longitude and latitude of the user to provide a physical location for inclusion on the call sheets.


Since a call sheet app is installed on a mobile phone, bringing such capabilities with you is both easy and convenient. As a result, you can create and make changes to your call sheets at any time and from anywhere, thereby boosting your productivity.

Easier Distribution

Distributing digital copies of documents is much easier than handing out printed copies of the same documents. Doing so is as simple as attaching the files and then sending an email to all of the intended recipients. From that point on, the Internet and the infrastructure built up around it handles the rest of the labor. In contrast, using printed copies requires you to find each of the recipients and then hand them their copies in person. Although there are ways to ease this process, it is simply impossible to make it as easy as digital distribution.

Flexible Schedule

Due to the ease with which you can distribute electronic copies of your call sheets to their intended recipients, your schedule also gains a measure of breathing room. Using printed copies, you must have your call sheets prepared by specific times during which the intended recipients are either together in the same place or can be reached with little trouble. As a result, you must rush to meet these deadlines or face mounting problems getting the relevant information out to all recipients. Using electronic copies, you not only gain more time with which to prepare the call sheets, but you can also have them sent to the recipients’ inboxes in little more than an instant.

Reviewing the Checklist

Although this might seem trivial compared to the other features mentioned here, this template that can be filled in with the relevant details doubles as a checklist during the finishing process. Reminders built into the call sheet tool can protect you from needing to make revisions because you’ve omitted important details from the distributed copies.

On a related note, doddlePro even comes with a convenient feature that reports on the delivery of your call sheets. If one of your emails failed to deliver for whatever reason, you can find out about both the event and the cause using this feature, so that you can get to work correcting the problem.


The call sheet app has become an indispensable tool for people involved in film production due to both the degree and range of benefits provided to those individuals.

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