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Five Great Social Networks For Writers


If you’re a writer, you know how valuable it can be to meet and talk with other writers. You can get and give feedback that will only help you to become a better writer. Like any profession or hobby, it’s important to network. There are lots of great communities of writers online where you can do just that. Here are five of the best social networks for writers.
This community brings together writers and bloggers on all different kinds of subject matter and professional levels. It’s a place that encourages discussion, friendly debate, and making solid connections with other writers and bloggers. You can create your own profile page with links to your website or RSS feed, and you can upload your writing, photos, and videos. There are groups, forum, games, and live chats. You can also collaborate with other writers on projects and create your own radio blogs with the free BlogTalkRadio tool.
This is a very diverse community for writers of all types. There are tons of features and benefits of this network, and it allows you to connect with many different people. You can create a portfolio of your work and invite others to give you feedback. You can also provide feedback for other writers’ works. There are lots of tools available to help you improve your writing, and you can even enter contests. If you want to upgrade to a paid membership, you can get access to many more features, such as additional storage space in your portfolio, a custom URL, and much more.
The Writing Room is a relatively new social network for writers, so it’s just beginning to become populated with members and features. So far, it’s an interesting community to check out, and it looks quite promising. Like most social networks for writers, it encourages you to upload your work and ask for critiques from others, as well as giving your own feedback to other writers on their unique works. There are forums and groups, and you can participate in social writing activities and games to practice your skills, such as campfire stories. There are also lots of articles available for you to read that cover topics such as how to protect your intellectual property and how to start or end a story.
In this community, writers work together to collaborate on projects, give each other feedback, and inspire each other. If you’re struggling with writer’s block, for example, this is a great social network to find some new inspiration. There are groups and forums, and as a member with a free account you can upload photos and videos as well as text. You can also create and maintain your very own blog on this website. It’s a great tool to connect with like-minded writers.
With a free account on ABCtales, you can post your own unique writings and request feedback from other members. There are a lot of short stories and poems on this site, as well as fiction and nonfiction works. There are writing tips to help you develop your craft, and forums where you can meet and talk with writers all over the country. Also, the editors of ABCtales select some of their favorite stories and works to be featured in the “cherrypicked” section.

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