Effective Remedies to Recover Deleted Emails from Outlook Express


Did you accidentally delete some emails from your Outlook Express mailbox? Or you found an empty ‘Deleted Items’ folder after compacting your Outlook Express? If yes, then too you need not panic as your email messages are not completely lost, and there are some remedies by which you can recover them. However, to perform successful recovery of deleted mailbox items, it is recommended to stop performing any activity on Outlook Express and do not compact it for one more time.

  • Remedy 1: The ‘Deleted Items’ folder of your Outlook Express works same as ‘Recycle Bin’ of your PC that contains all the deleted data that is not hard deleted. Therefore, if you simply deleted email from your Outlook Express mailbox, then you can find them in ‘Deleted items’ folder and from there, you can move them back to their original location.

  • Remedy 2: Open ‘Deleted Items’ file with file extension ‘.DBX’ in MS Word or Notepad. This file is located at ‘Store Folder’ of your Outlook Express. Now search for a key phrase or key word that you know is present in the deleted email. After finding this email, you will notice some strange characters in it; however, the message body is readable. Now copy the entire text of this email and paste it to a Word document and save this file with extension ‘.eml’ (that can easily be viewed by other email clients) or save it as plain text. However, this method provides you plain email text without any attachments.

  • Remedy 3: There is another method that uses the backup file of mailbox, which lets you recover email messages that you have lost while compacting your Outlook Express mailbox. In this process, the very first step is to exit Outlook Express. Now open ‘Recycle Bin’ of your computer and search for the folder from which you want to recover emails. Though this folder has the same name as of the original folder, but it has ‘.bak’ file extension instead of ‘.dbx’. However, restore the backup file from the ‘Recycle Bin’. To use this file in your Outlook Express mailbox, you have to change the extension of this file from ‘.bak’ to ‘.dbx’. Now to move this folder to ‘Store Folder’ of Outlook Express, you have to move the .DBX file corresponding to this file to another location of your system like desktop. Now start Outlook Express and find whether your emails are restored or not. If yes, then delete the ‘.DBX’ file that you have saved on another location.

  • Remedy 4: Use professional Outlook Express recovery software. If none of the above mentioned remedies work to bring back your valuable email messages, then use of an efficient Outlook Express recovery software is preferred. Reliable email recovery tool scans DBX files of Outlook Express for deleted emails, and thus proficiently recovers all deleted emails, contacts, notes, attachments, etc. Moreover, the tool effectively retains the formatting of HTML and RTF messages and shows the counter for each email folder.

Depending upon your issue, you can opt for any of the above mentioned remedies; however, Outlook Express recovery tool remains an ultimate resolution to overcome the loss in any case of deletion or email loss.

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