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With Facebook you can let your friends know what you are doing by connecting with them and posting small messages known as status updates. Did you know that there are over 845 million users on Facebook and that every user has connected to about 130 friends?

Besides posting new status updates, Facebook also lets you upload new photos of your newborn baby, your trip around the world or that unforgettable hen’s night. An average user uploads around 1200 images per year! And while all Facebook users together post about 1 billion new status updates and like or comment to 2.7 billion times combined, a post is only visible for just 3 hrs & 7 mins before they disappear to the bottom of your timeline!

So happens to these images? Are they ever going to be found again? They will, but only if you want to scroll all the way down. But wait, you don’t have to!

With Pixado! The new Facebook application you can easily track back all the pictures you have ever uploaded and publish them into a virtual photo book. But that’s not all! Pixado lets you put them on a virtual book shelf so you and your friends can review all those create moments that you capture!

Pixado is an easy-to-use application that helps you to organise your photos in a photo book based on a range of search options like ‘My Top Images’, ‘All about me’ or ‘All about friends’ and ‘Events’. Just pick your favourite story and friends, connect to with your Facebook account and all your friend’s Facebook pictures and save the ones that are the most important to you. You can even select images and put them together in your very own story book!

Another great aspect of Pixado is that it lets you create a virtual Storybook together with your Facebook friends to post onto your timeline so each one can add photos to the pages. This is a fantastic feature if you have been to an exciting party together or have a reunion coming up. Just think about how great this would be for friends to have after their birthday or graduation party!

By making your own picture story in Pixado, you won’t grow tired of scrolling through all the images till you have found the one you’re looking for. Your friends can now view your photos in a Story Book that is like a real photo book, including backgrounds, text, borders and many other options to customise it the way you want it to be!

Let’s have fun again in viewing Facebook photos – thanks to Pixado!

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