Comcast Set Top Box to Compete Google TV


Comcast set top box with internet TV feature is coming soon. To keep pace with Google’s version of “connected TV”, Comcast the cable monster is taking a decisive step by finalizing their rounds of testing before they let their set-top box fly. Reportedly, the Comcast set top box is a tough competitor for Google TV with almost equal mass and weight and is getting ready in the greenroom!

comcast internet TV

As reported by the Wall Street Journal Comcast has been carrying out a serious of tests under the code-name “Xcalibur” to fine tune and calibrate the device which is a combination of all the usual DVR features and web features. As the journal puts in plain words, the device is expected to have‘a smattering of web video’ and ‘basic connection features to connect to social networks to comment on TV shows, but not with features which enable the users for a full browsing of internet.

Obviously, it’s a baby elephant walk for Comcast set top box in the world of Internet TV. We still do not know anything about the pricing policy of the comcast set top box or the service packages they are planning to offer to the customers. Comcast lost 275 k customers during the third quarter of 2010. With the new internet TV enabled set top box and may be some packages to win back customers, Comcast expects to make a better output.

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