Blackbaud Fundraising Software: An Ideal Solution To All Your Fundraising Needs


A Word About Blackbaud Inc.

Blackbaud Inc. is a company that designs and supplies specialized software specifically for non-profit organizations. The company was founded in 1981 by Anthony Bakker, and its products encompass a range of dimensions including fundraising, analytics, CRM and financial management among a few others.

What is Blackbaud Fundraising Software?

Blackbaud’s fundraising software – known as The Raiser’s Edge – is its most well-known software designed to run and manage the system of a non-profit organization. The software is ideal for non-profit organizations of every size and has customizable modules to meet the specific needs of an organization.

Features of Blackbaud Fundraising Software

The Raiser’s Edge allows companies to nurture and improve relationships with donors, and saves a lot of time by streamlining the entire process of managing donors. This means that the time spent in daily, repetitive tasks can be put to other uses to increase the overall efficiency. The interactive database allows you to keep a record of all the transactions and collaboration with donors and other parties. This program also helps you find out which prospects are the best ones and the most profitable ones for your company through detailed analysis of each one.

The batch feature lets users enter a large amount of data in a spreadsheet-like screen in no time at all. Moreover, with The Raiser’s Edge, it is also possible to generate detailed reports pertaining to donors, staff members as well as board members.

The Raiser’s Edge is available in different versions, i.e. The Raiser’s Edge(i) and The Raiser’s Edge(i) Enterprise. The former one is an enhancement to the original Raiser’s Edge and comprises of online fundraising features, monthly giving and various e-marketing communication tools that take fundraising to a completely new level through the implementation of cutting-edge fundraising practices.

Similarly, The Raiser’s Edge(i) Enterprise is a fundraising solution for complex and large-scale non-profit organizations. It seamlessly combines the features of The Raiser’s Edge(i) with a few other optional modules and enhanced fundraising and social media tools.

These software packages are offered to fulfill the specific needs of an organization. The respective features of every package can be viewed and compared on Blackbaud’s website, where you can gain comprehensive knowledge of what they offer and how one package differs from the other.

Newly Added Features

Blackbaud’s fundraising software is also compatible with mobile devices, letting you stay connected on the go and manage fundraising operations by having all the information at your fingertips. The segmentation and analytics tool allows you to manage all the contacts in your database and direct your fundraising efforts to those contacts that are likely to provide the greatest benefit to your organization. Another newly added feature known as list management makes it possible to include certain contacts in your list while exclude others. This facilitates collaboration by allowing you to send these lists to reviewers, who can easily modify the lists and save them without having to change the original query.

All in all, Blackbaud’s fundraising software is an optimal solution that effectively caters to all the fundraising needs of a non-profit organization. With annual fund management features, e-mail marketing and comprehensive reporting features, this software is an all-in-one solution to managing your fundraising aspects.

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