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Showing off our individuality is not always encouraged but it seems to be making a comeback.  Creative industries are riding out the economic crisis, so maybe it is time to become a part of it and be innovative ourselves.

Simply the Best
In Great Britain, we are good at being creative; just take a glance at Danny Boyle’s opening ceremony for the London Olympic Games 2012 if you need any more convincing.  The rest of the world witnessed a truly creative master class.  Fashion got a shout out too in the Olympic Games, with Stella McCartney designing the athletes’ kit.  Indeed, the arts are one of the few industries that are still flourishing in the currently tough economic climate.  Whilst there is evidence of creativity on a truly spectacular scale, with inventors such as James Dyson and artists like Damien Hirst, artistry is present everywhere.

The everyday person shows creativity all the time but perhaps does not know it.  There is evidence of imagination all over the country, from Yorkshire web design companies to advertising agencies in Yeovil, to architects in Yarmouth.  We are all involved in the creativity of the country without even realising it.  This does not just take place in the work environment but at home too.  Whether it is reading a book from the Harry Potter series to someone else, or enjoying it ourselves, it all counts.   One of the true creative facets of Britain is the fact that when everything goes wrong, we can deal with it.  Indeed, Adele made music out of it and, alongside other British artists, has become one of the most successful singers in the world.  The film industry in Britain is also enviable, with UK films winning numerous amounts of awards over the years.  Where there is heritage there are ideas and mixing the old and new can create something entirely unique.  The multitude of British creative industries and personalities are testament to this in the best possible way.

Don’t Follow the Crowd
Unfortunately we are not all going to be rich, famous and travel the world, but creativity is still there if we look for it.  A lot of us show it without even thinking about it, through problem solving on a daily basis and small ideas which improve efficiency and the day-to-day running of a home or business. 

Not all ideas have to be earth–shattering to make a difference after all.  Making the environment you are working in right for you will hopefully get those creative juices flowing, causing the little ideas that make a big difference to come pouring out.  Do not be discouraged if something goes wrong; as previously mentioned, we are well enough equipped to deal with things if they go awry.  Even critiquing your own work as you go along can be helpful, constructive criticism is a good thing after all.

However, do not be afraid to go your own way and create something entirely new.  Following a trend will not get you anywhere fresh but following your own ideas may result in people revering your trend in the future.  We have all been guilty of procrastinating; telling ourselves that doing a bit of housework or shopping will result with us being more creative in the end.  Turning off the television and ignoring these temptations can be for the best though; things are lot more likely to happen if you sit down and get straight into it after all.  You never know, creativity could come out when you least expect it.

Be a Sore Thumb
There are a multitude of tangible benefits when it comes to showing off your individuality.  One of these is that you will stand out from the crowd and be instantly recognisable.  If you have a brilliant idea, you can make a name for yourself and build great relationships with other people and businesses which may last for a long time.  Being a tad different is not all bad, in fact it can mean that you are remembered over everyone else who has the same ideas.  In this context, standing out like a sore thumb can only be a good thing; when there are so many people you want to be the one that gets noticed.  You never know where a little idea and a whole lot of courage might get you.  Albert Einstein was quoted as saying that ‘curiosity, obsession and dogged endurance, combined with self-criticism’ helped him on the way to great ideas.  He may not be British but you have to admit, he has a pretty valid point.

Whether it is web design Yorkshire or advertising in Yeovil that’s caught your eye, it is time to get creative.  Once you start you may not stop.

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